How To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is undeniably one of the best social media apps that we have got access to. Today, it would be hard to believe if someone says they don’t use YouTube. It has become a necessary part of our lives and we find ourselves streaming videos on YouTube almost every day.

Millions of videos are uploaded every day on this social media giant. Likewise, on an average, every YouTube user watches 10-30 videos daily. Therefore, we thought it’s necessary to talk about the tricks to use YouTube effectively in order to improve our user experience and make the most out of it.

Previously, we have talked about a plenty of YouTube tips and tricks to master this social media platform. Today, we will be answering the global question, How to download videos on YouTube, to make this app even more interesting for you all.

Read along to find how to download videos from YouTube on mobile (both Android and iPhone) and computer (both MAC and PC) absolutely free.

How To Download YouTube Videos

Before learning how to download videos from YouTube, there’s a side subject that must be introduced: Is it legal?

With regards to copyright, insofar as you’re downloading a video for your very own use, you’re most likely alright. It’s more highly contrasting when you think about Google’s terms of administration for YouTube, which read: “You shall not download any Content unless you see a ‘download’ or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.”

All things considered, viewing YouTube videos without an internet connection is removing cash from Google’s pocket and those of the videos’ makers. There’s a reason YouTube runs ads before streaming a video; many individuals bring home the bacon that way.

how to download videos from YouTube on mobile

Thus, let’s get straight to the point: taking video from YouTube is a major no-no. In the event that you need to share a video, YouTube makes it entirely damn simple to do, from installing to messaging to sharing by means of social media platforms. You don’t generally need to download a video more often than not. However, perhaps you have your reasons. We won’t pass judgment. On the off chance that you should download a YouTube video only for yourself —here’s the secret.

Download YouTube Video With A Third Party Tool

You might need to install a third-party tool to download videos from YouTube freely. There is numerous third-party software available for downloading online videos. Here are some options:

  1. 4K Video Downloader for Windows and MAC
  2. MacX YouTube Downloader
  3. DLNow Video Downloader for Windows and MAC
  4. Freemake Video Downloader for Windows and MAC
  5. YouTubeByClick for Windows and MAC
  6. iOS file manager app Documents 5
  7. WonTube’s Free YouTube Downloader for Android
  8. TubeMate

Once you have installed these plugins all you will need to do is, you just paste the URL for the YouTube video you want into the app, and it downloads the highest quality version it can find, typically in MP4 format.

Use Browser Extension

If you don’t want to install a software to download videos from YouTube then you might need to install an extension to your browser. An extension can enable you to spare a stage. However, you will keep running into a few issues with downloading video from YouTube, particularly in case you’re browsing on Chrome.

The reason is Chrome Web Store is controlled by YouTube proprietor Google. Indeed, even an augmentation apparently for this reason—the clearly named Video Downloader proficient—states front and center in its portrayal, “The download of YouTube videos to hard drive is locked because of restrictions of the Chrome Store.” Google isn’t in the propensity for giving one division a chance to swindle the others. The download of any RTMP convention video (secured videos) or streaming video likewise isn’t conceivable.

Need to get around it? You require a plugin that doesn’t originate from the Google Web Store. Download YouTube Chrome says it’ll carry out the activity, and even spells out how to do the introduce without the help Chrome clients regularly get from Google Web store.

Other great extensions to consider are,

  1. FastestTube
  2. Video DownloadHelper

Save Videos on YouTube

The last yet the easiest way to watch YouTube videos without any obstacle is to save them on YouTube. In such cases, if you are anywhere without an internet connection and want to stream YouTube videos, you may just visit the offline videos and enjoy them.

To save videos offline, all you have to do is to click save button placed below the video (both on mobile and PC). To access offline videos on mobile, go to the library and then tap on downloads. While using YouTube on the desktop, find your saved videos in either “watch later” or the playlist you have saved them into and there you will find all your offline videos.

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