Why and How to Gift a Tree in 2020

If you are the person who loves to give gifts for all occasions, you probably gave it all already. You gifted toys to a toddler or school stationery for the school kid. There are pre-packed home decorations for moms and toys-for-the-big-boy dads. You do gift-giving galore whenever you celebrate the birthdays or promotions of your officemates. But if you have been generous in your gifts year in and year out, you probably have been giving the same kinds of presents. What else can you bestow that screams unique and different? 


Gift a tree, the recipient will undoubtedly be surprised and they may not expect that from you if you are not one for botany. But there are several reasons why a sapling is a perfect gift for the celebrant.


Why gift a tree?

Gift a tree not just during the Yuletide season. Any event that calls for merriment is cause for celebration. So giving a tree sends out a message to your gift-receiver that you thought about it, and you care enough to provide them with your very best. 

There are some plant-a-tree companies on the internet. So it is convenient to buy a tree-gift: no queues, no parking woes, and no packaging waste by-product. Just click, pay, and you are all set. You can even have the option of naming a tree after your recipient. He would feel special, and gratitude may be through the roof for this particular gift. 


What can the gifted trees do?

School science says that trees are the lifeline of both people and animals because they produce much-needed oxygen for all to survive. Unfortunately, climate-change issues are never-ending. Forests burning and felling down trees to make way for a building or a new shopping complex are constant battles for eco-warriors across the globe. Planting a tree can start reforestation, and your gift helps launch a new oxygen-producer in a particular community. 


Enough trees in a self-sustaining grove improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and monoxide. The toxic gases produce oxygen so that everyone can breathe. The roots reduce soil erosion and prevent flooding. Plus, trees give the right amount of shade. It blocks the sun’s rays when it beats down relentlessly and the wind, which makes even walking a difficult task. And it also gives the birds and other community animals a home.


What types of trees can you give as a gift?

There are several types you can give as gifts, and it all depends on the personality of your recipient. 


Give seeds, pot, and soil to the person who has a green thumb. It is just like caring for a pet because this goes through a process. Seed-planting needs more time and effort on the part of your recipient. 


Saplings or plantlets are already flourishing, but still a baby-tree. A person will only need to keep it alive. He can bring it anywhere. When it is big enough, it can be replanted somewhere on a vacant lot where it can become a tree. 


But when there is neither time nor space, the next best thing to give would be a tree planted in a place where reforestation is a goal. It comes with a card or certificate bearing the name of the recipient. And it is the perfect gift for someone concerned about ecology, yet does not have time nor space for any tree-caring activity. 

Gift-giving provides you with a feeling of happiness and fulfillment. A tree as a gift is the perfect opportunity to share your joy and conservation awareness with those who matter to you.

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