5 Tips to Prevent Vaginal Infections

The female reproductive system is quite sensitive and is a complex system composed of different organs and hosts billions of microorganisms. 

Any sort of imbalance like the microorganisms in the reproductive system could lead to many infections and ailments. The composition of different types of vaginal bacteria is responsible for keeping the reproductive system clean and functioning. 

However, this bacteria can also stem from various problems. In many cases, the basic symptoms of vaginal infection are itchiness, soreness, discharge, and discomfort during urination. 

If someone is suffering from an infection caused because of vaginal bacteria, then health care professionals will advise getting a vaginal microbiome profile. Based on the test results and the microbiome profile, the gynecologist can recommend the right course of treatment. 

But, many of these infections are quite straightforward to treat, and one can also prevent these infections by following some basic tips. 

  1. Consume a low-sugar diet

Sugar and starch are foods for the yeast. When you consume a high-lactose diet and large amounts of refined sugar, it may encourage the growth of yeast inside your body. 

A low sugar diet will help maintain the yeast levels inside the body. Instead of these food items, one must increase their consumption of low-scratch fruits, protein-rich items, and healthy fats and oils. 

  1. Maintain a healthy weight 

Once the weight increases then, it might be a challenge for one to maintain overall good health, and it will also impact reproductive health. 

It makes one more prone to diabetes, which again can lead to different types of infections in the reproductive system. 

  1. Wearing high-quality clothes

One must regulate the warmth and sweat efficiently to prevent the growth of fungi and yeast in the groin. 

So, choosing loose clothing made from a breathable fabric such as cotton, linen, or silk is important. 

In addition, one must avoid wearing wet clothes for a long time as it can foster the growth of fungi in the groin. 

  1. Do not use scented intimate washes

It is better not to use any type of scented deodorants or scented intimate wash for the vagina. It can hamper the PH scale and bacteria levels which might cause an infection and lead to symptoms such as itchiness, soreness, and discomfort. 

While advertisements might portray them as safe, any type of scented product may mess up with bacteria in the vagina.

If there is some type of soreness or itchiness, one must stop using such a product and get a vaginal microbiome test. 

  1. Maintain good hygiene

Taking special care of hygiene can help prevent vaginal infections by a long shot. While hygiene is not the sole reason for such infections, it is one of the leading reasons. 

Using a simple soap to clean the genitals is the best option. If there are any issues such as pigmentation or others, one must not use bleach or any chemical wash as it might damage the sensitive skin. 

In addition, drying off the genitals after a shower is necessary to remove any excess moisture as it may lead to fungi. 

These tips can be followed to prevent vaginal infection and keep the female reproductive system healthy. 

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