England vs Sweden, England wins by 2 goals and qualifies for Semi Finals.

The third ever match in FIFA quarterfinals was England vs Sweden, which just happen to conclude and the victory goes to England. England won by 2 goals as opposed to Sweden with zero goals. It is actually shocking how Sweden had made it so far in this world cup. Because as compared to England, Sweden is not a tough team to beat.

England has won the world cup only once before in 1966. Since then no world cup for this team, but that doesn’t mean that it is a poor team. On contrary England has one of the best teams in this semi-finals. Sweden, on the other hand, has never before won any world cup and does really have leagues match within the country on a scale compared to England.

England vs Sweden
(2 – 0)

The first goal in the match between England vs Sweden was scored when a corner was taken by England towards Sweden’s goal. Harry Maguire gave a header which in turn scored the team of England a beautiful goal. The crowd screamed as soon as the header by Harry Maguire in the right direction, the goal was imminent. The scene in England after this crucial goal was quite appalling as this goal is what led England to victory in this England vs Sweden match.


As one goal wasn’t enough, England scored an additional goal in the second half. Having only one goal in the quarterfinals of FIFA world cup 2018 is not really that much excitement for a team. Because the opposing team can beat this at any time, that is why England kept on pushing and didn’t take this goal for granted. And the efforts paid off in the second half when England scored the second goal again Sweden.

After these two goals obviously, all hope was lost for Sweden, and they tried to do what any sensible team would. That is to prevent any further goals and embarrassment.  In a way, Sweden succeeded in this, in Sweden’s defense England is obviously way more stronger team than Sweden. But Sweden still managed to get into the quarter-finals of the world cup, this in itself is a victory for Sweden.

The team of Sweden has really come a long way and has gained some crucial experience which can help them maybe in the next world cup. Still, everyone only remembers the winner and in case of this match, England vs Sweden was England.

A round of applause for the British. As their efforts really paid off and landed them a position in the semi-finals of the world cup. What they do in semi-finals is a whole another story as the pressure is on. But for, now the team deserves some happy moments to celebrate this well earned victory. Then afterwards, move on to planning future victory.

England vs Sweden, England wins by 2 goals and qualifies for Semi Finals - FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 - news - TrendMut

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