Get the Fortnite Mod APK for the Mobile Version

Good news for the mobile game enthusiasts! Fortnite is now available in the mobile version as well. It is a bonanza offer for those who are a big fan of the Fortnite game and also love to play a different variety of game on the mobile. Fortnite has a whopping number of players- almost 125 million players worldwide and so is one of the most popular Royal Battle games without any doubt. 

Seeing the huge response that the game received from players all over the world for the pc version, the company has released the Fortnite version on mobile devices. Currently, the game is only available on the App Store and you can’t find it on the Play Store. But, don’t worry, we can guide you to install the Fortnite Mod APK for it.

Fortnite Mod APK for Mobile

Fortnite mobile is a sandbox game and consist of many different features. The mobile platform has received a great response in a short time and has received a large number of downloads from the fan base. As the concept is, you have to be the last survivor in the game in order to win it. It is over if you are killed by the Storm eye or killed by your enemy. Then, you are able to watch the game from the perspective of your opponent who shot you dead. 

The best part is this game supports up to 100 players in a battle just like the other Battle Royale games. There are two options available to the player, either they can choose to join a team of 2 to 4 players or they can play alone as well. Survive to the last breath and win the game, as simple as that. 

If you have played the game before on the PC then you might be aware of the concept. If not then let us tell you that you will be dropped at an island from the airplane with several other players and there you have to fight a battle. Initially, when you start the game, you won’t be having any weapons. So, in order to fight with others, you will need to search for weapons and collect them. 

The map in the game gets shrink from time to time so the players are compelled to fight each other. You can build a house or a place for shelter with the resources you have to protect yourself from the enemies and avoid fighting them when you are not having any weapon. 

The controls of the mobile version are different obviously so you need to get equipped with them in order to be a master of the game. If you are a master of the pc game, then also you need to change your control habits when you play the mobile game.  

There are virtual control buttons in the mobile version which is much easier to use. No need to worry if you are not getting used to the controls, you will be able to customize them as well. On the left side of the screen, there will be a scroll key. For changing the viewing angle, you can swipe any area on the right.  

There are a number of buttons on the screen such as the shooting button, a jump button, and the crouch button. You can also customize the sensitivity of each and every button according to your requirement. You can also change the position of the buttons as per your choice. Just click the menu in the top right corner and select the HUD Layout Tool for doing this.

As we mentioned earlier, players can build shelter spaces to defend themselves against the Storm Eye. These defensive systems are very necessary to protect oneself against the storm. You can use any resource like wood, brick, metal, etc. to build the defensive system but keep one thing in mind that the metal structures and brick will take more time to build than wood. 

So, here was a brief overview of the Fortnite mobile game. Download and install the game on your mobile to play it today. You will also get the Fortnite Mod APK so better get it installed if you are not able to get the app on the Play Store in sooner time.

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