How A Lawyer Tackles Bias towards Disabled Applicants?

In this article we will shedding some light upon how a Lawyer Tackles Bias towards disabled applicants. Disability Discrimination at work could happen at different levels. According to expert disability discrimination lawyers, a very common scenario is where the applicants are being sidelined just because they chose to be honest and open about any physical or mental ailment they may have, which is considered a disability.

It’s unfair to not consider disabled applicants when employers are supposed to review each candidate based on their merits. What if the candidate could fit in and conduct business upto the company’s standards regardless of their condition? They should not be denied the opportunity because of a condition that they have no control over.

Nonetheless, according to researchers, employer response statistics show us a picture that leans towards the inhumane side of biases towards disabled candidates. In fact, an average of 26 percent decline in employer interest was recorded when they found a disability record in applications. 

The American federal and state laws strictly prohibit disability discrimination against workers.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act protect workers with disabilities that hinder primary life functions like eyesight, hearing, walking, adequate height (dwarfism), etc. 

A Disability Discrimination Lawyer’s Take 
~ How Lawyer Tackles Bias

Employers who disregard people trying to make a living by contributing to the economy and community are unethical in several domains. Firstly, this could be categorized as serious professional negligence and workplace discrimination. Both are unlawful. Disability discrimination lawyers strongly believe that employers should stay unbiased and use commonly known systems that provide aid to disabled persons. This will help them get a fair chance at pursuing the career they want to. For example, a blind person has to be treated in a way that would help them to present themselves efficiently. This could include a dedicated HR executive and braille system for interview and onboarding processes. Employers denying the chance without evaluating merit to save expenses or avoid making extra effort is unjust and illegal. 

If you strongly feel that you have been denied what you deserve, you should fight for it. You might already be facing your battles in life. These struggles could be directly or indirectly related to your disability. Either way, it is advised that you seek legal help to tackle such discriminatory behavior.  In this case, a specialized disability discrimination lawyer can fight on your behalf.

Searching for the right lawyer

When you are searching for a disability discrimination lawyer for your case, you must take the time to consider your options and weigh them according to strict criteria. You should verify several things for achieving the best results, including:

  • Experience of the respective lawyer in the specific area of disability discrimination.
  • The success rate of the attorney/law firm and the size of legal costs you’ll need to bear.
  • Will the attorney provide the plan and process for your case, and how does it compare to publicly available information?
  • See whether your potential attorney does empathize with you and your case.

Whether you are filing a claim for the first time or your claim was denied in the past,, an experienced Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyer can: 

  • Deal with complex insurance policies.
  • Submit independent medical exams.
  • Provide medical evidence that supports your condition and proves your limitation at work
  • Deal with insurance company surveillance that may work against you when trying to obtain compensation
  • Help you with a previously denied claim that needs to be reconsidered.

If you have a condition that limits a major life activity and you are bringing a lawsuit against your employer, you have a better chance of winning with a well-versed attorney by your side.

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