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Useful Methods You Can Rely on to Gain More TikTok Followers

TikTok is among the most recent entrants to the social media scene, and its focus is on sharing and creating engaging and short video content. The bad news is that it can take ages before you gain a solid following, especially if you are a new brand that is starting on the platform. The tips we will discuss below should help you gain more TikTok followers and increase your profile’s reach to more audiences.

Organic Ways to Gain More TikTok Followers

Know Your Target Audience

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Before starting off gaining followers on any social media channel, you must first know the people you are targeting because this will help you create content they can enjoy. You can do this in several ways if you are on TikTok:

  • Check your competitors – These can include other brands and influencers alike. Ensure you can see what they are doing and the content they mainly post, and then use these as ideas to come up with your content, especially for their most popular videos.
  • The content you post – If you are already on other social media platforms, you must be publishing content on them. Although the TikTok content will be slightly different, you can still use the common trends you spot on your most popular content or ideas that are likely to perform well.

Any way you choose to do these methods, there may still be some mistakes you will make along the way as the process is mainly trial-and-error. Ensure there are several backups you can use, such as having extra content types to share with your audience or having services such as Celebian to boost your followers and your reach.

Be Attentive to the Trends

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TikTok is heavier on trends than any other social media platform you will use, so you must be willing to spend some time checking them out. Knowing these trends helps you to know what is popular and take advantage of it to promote what your brand is about, as well as boost your reach to new audiences.

If you want to see a series of top trends at a glance, the platform’s Explore page will show you the latest sound clips and hashtags, which you can then use as inspirations for your content.

Create Challenges

Aside from trends, TikTok is very famous for video challenges like dares, dances, and so on. It is likely you will spot several challenges if you see videos following similar themes, so you should see if any of these will integrate seamlessly into your brand marketing strategy. Alternatively, you can also make your TikTok challenge as well.

Use the Correct Hashtags

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Similar to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, hashtags make it easier for your content to land on the Explore page and for other users to find it. Therefore, you need to use the correct hashtags if you want your target audience to find your content easily without making your post look like spam – avoid using too many hashtags for this reason unless they are relevant to your content.

When using a hashtag, begin by typing in relevant ones in your caption, and TikTok will show you how many views the hashtag is getting. Additionally, include the #foryou and #fyp hashtags as they are ever-popular and will get on the ‘For You’ page that allows more people to see you.

Post the Videos at Optimum Times

If you are completely new to the platform, aim to get the best timings to post so that you get the most reach. The best places to figure out optimal posting times are social media analytics platforms, as well as the creator or business tools on the platform itself.

To access it, visit the Followers tab and scroll until you find the Follower Activity menu. This will show you the times and days when your followers are at their most active, which is when you can publish your content. You should also keep logs of when you publish your content, and then test different times to know what works best.

Do Not Ignore User-Generated Content

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If you notice more people accessing your TikTok content, talking about your brand, or sharing videos that are relevant to you, you can ask them if it is okay to share these videos on your account while giving them full credit for it. This is a great content idea mill and shows off happy users.

You can use these tactics and many more to build your brand on the platform and spread the word about it, creating a solid following and revenue as your reach grows.

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