Proven SEO Recipe for eCommerce Websites

Before the rise of E-commerce, SEO had always been about higher page rank, which eventually led to more customers. Now, with so many online stores everywhere, Google’s goal is to provide related websites efficiently in order to help users get related information quickly. Because sites are ranking high on search result pages (SERP), the competition to rank high also exponentially increased.

However, there is good news for E-commerce SEO: with a little bit of effort, we can still rank our websites and products on SERP. You can take the help of a good digital marketing consultant who will guide you to implement the best tips to succeed with your e-commerce SEO strategy. So what is the best method for E-commerce SEO? Here are some tips and tricks you might want to consider:

1) Use your brand name as your title: If you sell shoes, you should use “Shoes Store” or “Online Shoes Shop” in your title.

2) Use targeted keywords in your product URLs: Instead of using generic URLs like “” or “”, you should include targeted keywords in your URL, e.g., www . example. com / mens – dress – shoes or www . example . com / discount – running – shoes

3) Use product-specific keywords in your meta tags

4) Product URL: www . example . com / mens – dress – shoes Product Title: Mens Dress Shoes Product Meta Tags:

5) Optimize your online store for mobile devices. According to a study, more than half of online purchases are made through mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will lose out on potential customers.

6) Optimize your websites for local searches. With the continuous development of Google Maps and other location-based applications, it’s crucial to improve your SEO by incorporating keywords related to the country, region, city, etc.

7) Write content that users want to share: If you’re selling shoes for kids, your product description should include information about the features and benefits of your products rather than technical specifications or company profile.

8) Use “responsive design”: A responsive design is a web design that adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions, like mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, and desktop computer monitors.

9) Add more content on your product pages: If you sell shoes, the first thing visitors see should not be a list of products. You should try to convince them to buy your products by adding customer reviews and detailed product descriptions.

10) Use YouTube videos on product pages: It’s free to post product videos on YouTube, which allows your customers to have a closer look at your products.

11) Use “breadcrumbs”: Breadcrumbs are an effective way of showing the user where they are located on your site. They help improve SEO by increasing keyword density and quality backlinks.

12) Monitor competitors’ websites: It’s a good idea to monitor your competitors’ online behavior and identify their SEO strategies. Once you have a better understanding of SEO, you can improve on what they’ve done right and avoid making the same mistakes as them.

So that’s all for now, this would help people out there who want to optimize their business website. hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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