Top Tips to Revamp Your Business Analyst Resume

Businesses of the 21-century are struggling with the exponentially increasing market competition due to the large population and easily accessible technology. At this time, business analysis becomes a key factor for the growth of any business.

According to Zippia, nearly 251,404 business analysts work in the United States. Looking at the increasing number of businesses and their market expansion, the demand for business analysts will get a major hike soon.

Considering this, business analysis is one of the sparkling career options for recent graduates. This reference guide is to help all the business analysis aspirants hit their goal and get a business analyst job in 2022.

Business Analyst Resume Tips

Apart from your educational qualifications, you need a professional business analyst resume to bag your desired business analyst job. To build a resume, you can refer to any online resume for business analysts available online, or you can also follow these below-given steps:

Use a Professional Resume Format

To revamp your business analyst resume, you need to outline your resume in a professional resume format. If you have a career gap in your professional journey, you can choose a functional resume format to outline your business analyst resume. But, if you do not have a career gap, you can opt for a reverse-chronological or a combination resume format.

Make Separate Sections For Key & Technical Skills

Recruiters consider candidates with modern skills showcased in their resumes. Hence it is essential to highlight your skills appropriately in the resume. You can make separate sections to list your key and technical skills in the business analyst resume and highlight them to grab the recruiter’s attention.

Use Bullet Points to Showcase Your Professional History

Recruiters only spend a few seconds screening a resume and usually dodge long paragraphs to save time. Hence, we advise you to use one-liner bullet points instead of long paragraphs to elaborate on your professional history and achievements.

Add Industry-Specific Keywords to Your Resume

Companies worldwide use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter unsuitable applicants in the recruitment process. We recommend using profile-centric keywords throughout your business analyst resume to parse through the ATS efficiently. You can pick such keywords from the job description or Google. These keywords will enhance the technical strength of your resume.

Proofread With a Focused Mind

Proofreading your resume is the last but most essential step before applying for a job. You can pause after summing up your entire resume and proofread your resume with a calm and focused mind to rectify silly errors like spelling and punctuation errors.

Key Takeaways

Have a glance at the key takeaways of this article:

  • Outline your resume in a reverse-chronological or combination resume format
  • Mention your key and technical skills in separate sections of your resume
  • Showcase your professional history in one-liner bullet points
  • Add profile-centric keywords to your resume for making it ATS friendly
  • Proofread your resume with a focused mind to correct minor mistakes

These steps will help you revamp your business analyst resume in 2022.

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