5 Common Reasons Behind Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most soul freeing activities you can participate in. Riding through wide-open scenery like the one found in Colorado, you have a recipe for some of the most memorable few hours of your life. There is something special about feeling the energy of a powerful machine coursing through you. Moreover, controlling the energy and bending it to your desire is something else entirely.

However, riding a motorcycle is far from fun and games. You need to remember that there is so much more than pulling the hog out whenever you feel like it. Safety and security remain paramount at all times and you need to make sure you take care of yourself and others when on the road. This article will address some of the most common reasons behind motorcycle accidents. 

If you are a biker who enjoys the weekend ride, please read till the end. Not only will this give you insight into how to remain safer on the road, but also tell you about how to seek legal representation if the need arises. 

Motor Car Aggression

It’s no surprise to learn that a fair number of car drivers dislike motorcyclists. Cars take up the majority of the road and a motorbike coming in their way can cause problems for arrogant drivers. Apart from the occasional mistake where both parties show concern and admit mistakes, it’s extremely common for car drivers to clip a motorcycle and drive off.
The lack of remorse speaks volumes and in situations like this, you might want to seek legal help. The city of Denver sees a fair number of such altercations on the road every day, and if you have been unfairly victimized on the road, you may want to contact one of the best Denver motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Apart from the fact that a lawsuit may cover your medical costs and bring you a sense of justice, it also ensures that the perpetrators will be held accountable and think twice before doing this again to someone else. 

Slick Roads 

Going out after rain on snow is a risk, to begin with. However, when you are on two wheels, things become considerably more complicated as the chance of slipping and falling over increases drastically. Wet roads reduce traction and even hitting the breaks doesn’t particularly reduce the tires’ speed. As if wet roads weren’t bad enough, black ice is a killer for motorcyclists and car drivers alike.
If you know that the roads are bad, consider staying in. Moreover, if you have a heavier motorcycle like a cruiser or street bike, think twice. Stopping that kind of weight on slick roads is a complicated situation. Touring bikes and dirt bikes stand a better chance of tackling the roads, but again, we would not recommend putting them to the test. 

New tires always help, but if you can avoid going out during this time, please do. Not only are you putting yourself in harm’s way, but road accidents rarely have one victim. 

Faulty Breaks 

Your breaks giving in at semi-high speeds can spell disaster for riders. In situations like this, the best thing you can do is let the bike slip rather than go for a head-on collision. It sounds harsh to talk about such finalities, however, the lesser evil could save your life in certain situations.
Check your break oil before taking the bike out to ensure that you don’t find yourself caught in such a situation. Moreover, make sure you don’t grease the breaks too much as that could cost the plates to slip and not gain the friction they need. Moreover, make sure your clutch wire and the clutch plates are working properly to ensure you don’t get stuck in gear and push the revs too high. 

Motorcycle maintenance is considerably easier than car maintenance, and you can do a fair bit of it yourself. However, we would advise that you don’t solely rely on your abilities, find a good mechanic and take your ride over to them whenever you have some free time. Once every two months isn’t bad, but if you can get it checked out once a month, you are only helping yourself. 

Impaired judgments

Many people hit the open road to clear their heads and relax after work stress. That works sometimes, but you need to realize the risk attached to it. We understand that you may have control of your judgments 99% of the time, however, a minor lapse can spell disaster, especially when you are on two wheels.
Brain fog and having too much on your mind can distract you from what’s on the road ahead of you and impair your judgments in ways you never imagined. Once you lose focus, you are asking for trouble and putting yourself and others in harm’s way. Taking a ride around town may be relaxing and help you overcome some of your issues, however, we would recommend that you find other ways to do so. 

If you find yourself stressed, consider opting for meditation as a means to clear your head. Not only is it safer, but the long-term benefits of meditation outweigh that of a quick ride when you feel down. 

Gusts of Wind

This may seem odd to hear when you have a 250lb motorcycle under you, but a strong gust can cause the handlebars to shudder and could cause you to lose control. Especially if the breeze blows adjacent to the direction, you are traveling in, maintaining balance can be hard no matter how heavy your motorcycle is.
Again, if it’s a windy day, try and avoid taking the bike out for a spin. The slightest slip-up can cause you to lose control and topple over. A 250-300lb motorcycle with hot pipes isn’t easy to lift off of yourself. Getting pinned underneath with red hot exhausts is a complicated situation, to say the least. 


Biking truly is a hobby most people never give up once they try it. It’s something else entirely, and it’s nice that so few people know about it, which adds to the novelty. However, remaining safe and secure at all times is mostly up to you. Apart from the freak accident, you can control most of the variables.

This article has talked about five different reasons why motorcycle accidents occur. From arrogant car drivers to strong wind, you need to take all these factors into account when pulling the two-wheeler out for a spin. 

Stay safe, enjoy your hobby but respect the road and the machine under you.  

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