5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the OCD freak Monica Geller in your Life

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when you sit down with your babe and tell her how much you love her. It is very similar to the way Chandler expressed his feelings to Monica in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., even after she is so much complicated. If you are a binge-watcher of this show, then you can understand how cleanliness freak Monica was. But if you have not seen it, then here is a brief explanation for all of you. So, Monica Geller is a typical woman who has this habit of being perfect in everything. She has OCD and loves being clean inside-out completely. 

If in case you also have Monica in your life who is a complete OCD freak. Then, on this Valentine’s Day, what could be a better gift for her. Yes, give your girlfriend/wife the best valentine’s gift, which she can use for cleaning the house. She will truly appreciate it and will also not scold you the next time you sill sauce over the bed cover. 

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for People with OCD

Bamboo Cutting Board

The OCD women never prefer cutting veggies on plastic boards, kitchen shelves, or directly in hands. You can gift them a wooden cutting board, which is perfectly smooth. Make sure that there is no wooden prick coming out of the board. If you are gifting, then make sure to get a set of three Bamboo chopping boards. 

Wood Cleaner Spray 

So, you are going to celebrate the 14th of February with her and a valentine’s day special cake. But what if you plan a big party and call over 10 to 12 guests at your home. It is very obvious that they are going to spatter the cake and food around the house. There are chances that this food can accidentally get onto your wooden furniture also. To stop her from getting irritated, gift her some bottles of the wood cleaner spray. This liquid spray will remove the oil stains and greasiness from the furniture. It will also calm the inner peace of your lovely women and surely bring a smile on her face.

Organizers for Storage

Organizing things is the aim of every neat freak. They are always in search of new things in the market which they can use for organizing. You can give her different organizers for keeping her makeup items, stationery, cutlery sets, etc. 

Customized Housekeeper Box

Help your clean and tidy girlfriend keep all her products and accessories organized properly inside a customized housekeeper’s box. She will love this idea of getting the box customized with her name or picture.

Kitchen Appliances

Is your girlfriend/wife a dexterous chef and cooks the best food? Then, the perfect Valentine gift for her will be the kitchen appliance which she is missing out on right now. Yes, give her a juicer, waffle maker, griller, roaster, etc. on this Valentine’s Day. You can ask her directly or stalk her in the kitchen to see what she needs. Adding an appliance to her kitchen is the most wonderful and thoughtful thing one can ever do for her. She will surely thank you for completing her kitchen appliances if she is missing out on any.

So, gentlemen, these were some super OCD-ish Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the lovely women of your life. We all have Monica in our lives, who often gets irritated with little things. To avoid her from getting freaked about anything, gift her these fantastic things. Let her know that her love for being perfect and clean every time does not bother you. Instead, you love her for this and will always keep trying to help her out.

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