Shower your love with Valentines’s Day gifts – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for her 2019

Valentine’s day is almost here and all the lovers are hustling anxiously to find a perfect Valentine’s day gift to surprise their beloved with. It’s true, being a lover is never easy. You are always striving and trying your best to prove your love to your special one every day. Not a single day passes when you won’t express how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

“We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it,” says John Lennon while describing the true essence of love.

This Valentine’s, make your girlfriend/wife even happier by showering your love with Valentine’s day gifts. As TrendMut has promised to cover all the trending topics thus, we have listed down all the great Valentine’s day gifts ideas. Go through our list and pick the best one for your better half.

Say a sweet good morning


Girls love chocolates!!

Wish her a good morning full of love and sweetness and surprise her with Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates. There is no better valentine’s day gift for her than being surprised with Ferrero Rocher early in the morning (followed by some sweet kisses, wink wink).

Read a romantic line or two of your favorite poet, kiss her forehead, and present her with chocolates. Let us tell you, she is going to love it and will always cherish it.


If you both don’t live together then try to meet her early in the morning with the box full of chocolates or send them to her house. She is going to love it either way.


If she has got a sweet tooth then add a Hershey Chocolate Candy Bar as well. Double your love with Hershey’s sweetness!

Make her bloom


A girl is like a flower – just as gentle, and fragile!

Make her bloom and bestow her with fresh Red Roses on Valentine’s Day. Flowers is every girl’s weakness and they love to receive them from their someone special. Your little gesture of love with this delicate gift will make her heart miss the beat once again.

“A woman is like a flower: If you care for her and love her enough, you’ll have the honor of watching her bloom.”

– Davis Dolezal


It is rare but it happens, some women prefer lilies over roses. Be a little wise and make the right choice with a bouquet of Lilies as Valentine’s day gift.

Be her good time


Make her miss you every time she sees the time, gift her a beautiful watch.

While choosing the right watch, you have got a plenty of choices. From Skagen to Michael Kors, Movado, Dior, and MICHELE, keep your budget in your mind and shop the watch you like the most. If you want to go lavish then shop Dior and if your budget is less then go for Skagen. Because – to be honest, the price never matters, what matters is your feelings and sentiments behind the gift.


If you have made your mind to buy a watch then shop it right away as some of them are on discount now.

Make her wear your favorite scent


Always wanted her to wear a particular scent but never knew how to ask her. Put it in her mind by giving that perfume as Valentine’s day gift. (Great idea, no?!)

Or you can also choose between the various popular perfumes for her and gift her the one you like the most. To help you out, let us name some best perfumes for the ladies.


All of these are on the discount right now. So, you better don’t waste your time and shop it now!

Propose her again

Don’t let your love tame, propose to her again!

After a certain period, all the relationships become boring and couples usually complain there is nothing new to do. This Valentine’s, end this argument right here and begin again more in love. Let her live the most beautiful time of her life once again and propose to her. No matter if your marriage is 50 years old, or it has just begun, or you are only engaged and planning to get married, propose her once again with a beautiful ring and all the new vows and promises.


Although you can use that same ring this time as well, giving her a new ring would be a treat for her. Pick the ring you like and let your love conquer again. Nothing could be more beautiful than her surprised expressions, and re-reading the vows, living those magical moments all over again.

We are adding some of the beautiful rings by the famous names to help you pick the perfect ring for you.

We would conclude Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas here. You may also gift her a dress, a trendy and stylish bag and clutch, maybe a smartphone of the year, or a digital camera, or a handy laptop as well. Anything, even a candy filled with love is enough. Do not worry about the price or that if she will like your gift or not. Also, if not gift then you can take her for a sweet cozy dinner date, or a long drive, or a trip to your favorite holiday destination, you can do anything. Just settle your mind for a thing and surprise her with it. Let us assure you, she will love it.

Also, don’t forget to tell us what you picked for her. You may also add another brilliant Valentine’s day gifts ideas in the comments below that we have unfortunately missed.

Have a good Valentine’s day Y’all. All the love and cheers!

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  • Oh that is one amazing list of gifts and to surprise your girl. Really liked the ideas.
    Also, think about giving her aka gifts if she is in sorority. She might really appreciate the thoughts.


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