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6 Coolest Trends in Security Technology

Security will always be an important part of our lives, especially as technology evolves. Our world at large is protected in many different capacities. At the local level, police forces ensure that our communities are kept safe and sound. At the national level, governments formulate plans to ensure that every part of the country can remain safe without issue. 

As the security measures evolve, so too does the level of danger present. Criminals, terrorists, and vandals will resort to more intuitive tactics to achieve their nefarious goals. To combat this, security technology becomes imperative to prevent these crimes from having an impact. Many security technologies have the power and potential to stop criminal acts from taking place.

Here are six of the coolest trends in security technology that have emerged recently:

1. Facial Recognition Software 

You’ve probably seen this type of technology used in your day-to-day life at this point. Our smartphones become unlocked, for example, with a quick glance at our faces. Or, we may use our faces to access our workplaces each day. Facial recognition software is commonplace but is growing in popularity for security protocols.

Largescale corporations will often implement verification processes in various systems. This type of security technology is an excellent method to use, especially when providing access to select individuals. By analyzing specific facial features, this system will grant permission to only the right person as required.

2. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has grown exponentially in recent years, especially in the systems that use it. Expect that rise to go even faster, due in part to its necessity in security protocols. As mentioned previously, corporations will use multiple verification systems to grant access to specific personnel.

With the right AI implemented into a security system, security systems can be thoroughly automated without issue. Alongside facial recognition capabilities, AI may help out in other ways, such as natural language processing. This can prove to be immensely useful, especially if large amounts of data are to be safeguarded.

3. Threat Detection Systems 

Artificial intelligence can be valuable when trying to protect business-related data or operations. However, as technology improves, it can also be an incredibly versatile resource as well. As the old adage goes, a good defense starts with a good offense. In the event that a threat becomes a reality, AI can power a threat detection system.

The threat detection platform provides a business with the power to take pre-emptive action against a potential threat. As soon as this danger becomes a reality, the administrator of the system will promptly be notified. Expect these systems to grow in their prowess in the coming years; they may be much more powerful than they already are!

4. Mobile Security 

Our technology has increasingly become much more efficient with respect to our day-to-day lives. Since this has become a reality, it also incentivizes cyber criminals to take illegal action. Smartphone security measures are not as meticulous as servers within a corporation, after all.

However, this sentiment may soon change as technology becomes much more multifaceted. Smartphone manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to increase security, so that they do not become a target. You may see advanced malware protocols built into our devices in due time as a result.

5. Advanced Cloud Security 

With more and more users switching to mobile operations, storage systems need to be adequately protected. The cloud is one system that is used on a daily basis, due in part to its convenience and active security measures. However, there still could be vulnerabilities in the cloud that could be exploited.

In the coming years, this potential for trouble could be completely removed. The issue of leaks is something that most businesses and corporations have to contend with. Cloud systems that are upgraded accordingly will be able to remove this apprehension outright.

6. Mitigating Human Error

At the end of the day, our potential for making mistakes will never be foolproof. We are only human at the end of the day, and even the best of us may make an error within a system. Security technology, however, will evolve to the point of preventing this from having an impact.

Artificial intelligence systems will be able to alert a human operator about a potential mistake made. After this point, the user will be able to rectify the error before it has a chance to affect the system significantly.

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