What are the top reasons to study in Berlin?

Germany is a renowned country for a lot of reasons—its economic prowess, rich culture and heritage, natural beauty and technological excellence. US News ranked the German GDP as the fourth highest in the world in its World GDP Ranking in 2019.

The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is a crown jewel of the country. Berlin is one of the largest business hubs in Europe, a massive tourist destination, and is dubbed as the start-up capital of the EU. Additionally, it can boast of immense cultural diversity and is known for its cosmopolitan nature.

Therefore, it isn’t a wonder that Berlin attracts thousands of international students each year who are attracted to the multiple career opportunities present in the city and its low living costs. In fact, QS World Rankings suggest that Berlin was once ranked the seventh-best student city in the world a few years back.

If you want to study in Berlin, it can be a great move for your professional life and international career aspirations. Read ahead to find the top advantages of having an academic life in Berlin.

What are the top advantages of pursuing a course in Berlin?

Being an international student in Berlin can be an experience of a lifetime and provide you with plenty of global perspectives. You can expect to enjoy the following benefits of pursuing your higher studies in the German capital.

  1. You can access high-quality education: Germany is known for having an excellent higher education system. Pursuing a course from a German university can ensure you are privy to high academic standards.
  2. You can receive plenty of course financing options: Although higher studies in Germany can be significantly cheaper than in other countries, you can still rack up a lot of expenses. German universities offer a wide range of student financing and scholarship options to help you with your study expenses.
  3. You are in the proximity of Germany’s start-up hub: Berlin is the biggest commercial centre in Germany and one of the largest business hubs in Europe. The city is also dubbed as the start-up capital of the EU. The close proximity to the bustling business sector can boost your career prospects in Germany.
  4. Berlin is culturally rich: If you are a culture enthusiast, Berlin is the place to be for your higher studies. The capital can boast of people from different parts of the world and backgrounds peacefully co-existing with each other. This allows you to experience multiple cultures within the same city.
  5. You can experience a significantly lower cost of living: Berlin offers a much more affordable cost of living to international students than other European study destinations like London or Paris. Thus, being an international student in Berlin can be significantly cheaper in your pockets.

Berlin is littered with many government and private universities and business schools that offer a plethora of programmes and courses in varied disciplines. Once you graduate from your course, it is relatively easy to secure a work visa as an international student and begin your professional life in the city.

Start your search for suitable universities in Berlin today to fulfil your dreams of studying in a bustling international city.

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