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7 Best Home Reno Ideas

In this article we will be sharing some of the vest Home Reno Ideas out there to help your home renovation. Periodically, it’s important to redesign the exterior and interior of your house to give it a more modern look. The inspiration for renovation can be a result of your particular choices and personality, or maybe it’s just past time to give the house a touch of modernity. Whatever the reason, you must do the necessary research before beginning any project because remodeling demands a substantial investment of time, money, and work. With proper planning, you can be confident that your redesign will turn out exactly how you envision it.

Statistics show that most Americans, more precisely 61%, favor remodeling over moving. The most common projects in this regard are kitchen renovations since they offer the best returns in terms of future resale values. The state of New Jersey ranks among the nation’s top ten markets for home renovation, with residents spending more than $6 billion on improvement projects throughout the year. With a 62% homeownership rate and an ever-growing population thanks to intrastate migrations, the market it is expected that this spending will continue to rise. 

Best Home Reno Ideas

If you live in New Jersey or recently bought a home that you wish to renovate, here are some Best Home Reno Ideas to give you some inspiration:

1 – Start with the bedroom

Although kitchen renovations are the most common project that people undertake, bedrooms are not far behind on people’s list of priorities. And obviously, when you do the bedroom, you update your bathroom as well.

New Jersey residents can spend anywhere between $20,000 and $65,000 on bedroom and bathroom renovations which eventually recoup 60% – 67% of the costs at resale. Therefore, a New Jersey bathroom remodeling requires your attention if you plan to sell the place to make a profit. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t hurt to perform a medium or upscale renovation on your bedroom. 

2 – Your paint choices can make all the difference

Colors have the power to completely transform a room or house. Ask yourself a question: what would a change in your home be if you could make one adjustment to make it feel more modern? There is a good possibility the response will be the paint color. This is because the magic that colors bring is truly mesmerizing.

A fresh coat of paint can improve the look of the entire house. Some colors might give the space a sense of spaciousness, while others can create a more calming atmosphere. With paints, you can switch between an upscale or trendy appearance while still maintaining a delicate aesthetic. Every decision you make about the color of paint has its own special beauty.

3 – Pick a theme that resonates with your personality

Everyone has a unique personality. Some of your opinions, principles, and personality traits will be unwittingly reflected in the theme, colors, and materials you select for your home’s interior. In order to bring the redesigned designs to life, it is a fantastic idea to add a greater portion of your own style to them. Utilize your creativity to serve as the foundation to build on rather than mainly focusing on an aesthetic or theme that you found online. Take inspiration from your vision, then turn it into something distinctive and exceptional you may consider your own.

4 – Focusing on the proportions of each room matters a lot

Arguably the most crucial factor to consider while renovating a property is proportions. People frequently make the error of choosing furniture or other furnishings for a room without first taking into account the size of the space. As a result, when the items are delivered and put in the space, something just doesn’t feel right. Either there are numerous vacant areas, or the place feels too claustrophobic. This is why it’s crucial to take the proportions into account.

A tiny space will appear congested if it is filled with several small items. The room will feel bigger, cozier, and more welcoming than ever before if you choose a few larger pieces.

Some modern ideas to incorporate

There are certain trends that have recently begun picking up steam in terms of their appeal and design aesthetic. Here are some of these ideas:

1 – Lowered living room spaces

Making sunken zones for the couches in living rooms is an emerging house remodeling trend. It tends to make a space feel cozier and gives the illusion that it is bigger than it really is. You can also try the same with your garden or backyard, where a lowered zone can accommodate some couches along with a fire pit. 

2- Utilize the area under a staircase

Avoid making the rookie error of leaving the sizable area under the flight of stairs unutilized when you’re remodeling your home. Create a cozy nook by adding some shelves to showcase your collection of books, music records, or a fancy wine rack for lovers of fine wines. You can even build the wonderful secret reading corner you dreamed of as a child.

3 – Build more practical spaces

By optimizing the design of your existing furniture, you may get greater use out of the space. This is a fantastic home remodeling idea that has become a recent trend. For instance, you can install a bar rail on your deck and convert it into a lovely seating arrangement for an outdoor dining area. Or, build pull-out cabinets that can serve as countertops or extra storage space. 

Conclusion – Best Home Reno Ideas

Home renovations are usually a labor of love where you work towards a vision and turn it into a reality. With the right inspiration, a bit of professional help from home reno contractors in New Jersey, and researching a few trendy ideas, you can plan, execute and implement a stunning remodel of your residence. Moreover, it doesn’t have to break the bank or put an extra burden on you in terms of liabilities that you already have. You can work with existing resources or just a few overheads to redesign the place in an extraordinary way. 

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