5 Top Applications of Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen is an inert gas and is the most abundant gaseous compound found in the atmosphere. It has numerous applications across industries, from agriculture to food processing. From manufacturing to processing, shipping, and handling, nitrogen is used extensively. 

Many companies are looking for a reliable nitrogen gas supplier to help with processes like forging and welding due to the inertness of nitrogen which allows for non-reaction during industrial processes. In this article, you can find the five top applications of nitrogen gas. 

  1. Fire Suppression System

Nitrogen gas is excellent for blanketing and fire suppression, and extinguishing. When one uses nitrogen as a fire extinguisher, it blocks off the oxygen supply, which completely extinguishes the fire. Blocking the oxygen supply is not suitable for health, but the fire suppression system is designed so that one can survive in high-level nitrogen for a while until the fire is controlled.

  1. Used in Food Processing Industry

The food and beverage processing industry extensively use nitrogen because of its inert nature. It is great for preserving food items meant to be sealed in airtight packets. It is used in its pure form or as a mix of various vapors to keep the food fresh for longer. 

The gases mixed with nitrogen include carbon dioxide. The food processing industry is used to prevent rancidity in freshly prepared food items and increase their shelf life if they have to be shipped long distances. Oxidation is a process that causes food to go bad in a standard time frame. However, one can prevent it by sealing the food with inert air and putting an eat before date on the packaging.

  1. Stainless Steel Manufacturing

Using it in manufacturing is very common as it regulates the temperature and pressure conditions in the factor. While manufacturing the alloy, it helps as an additive to improve the strength of the compound. 

Specific amounts are added during the casting and ladle processing methods to allow for better durability of the product being manufactured. The casting industry can use the gas for purging and arc stability. A nitrogen gas supplier provides the compound for displacing oxygen from the environment and preventing contamination during manufacturing.

  1. Light Bulb Manufacturing Industry

Bulbs are manufactured with tungsten filaments. The filaments burn to provide adequate lighting in a room. The rest of the bulb should be filled with an inert gas that doesn’t combust with too much heat. It is used in the manufacturing of non-combustible bulbs. 

Sealing in a vacuum is not an option because it will not allow for the bulb to remain stable, and it will burst into the atmosphere. Inert gases are always used to fill the bulbs to keep the products safe for everyday use. Argon and helium are extensively used in the industry because of their inert nature, but they are very rare and expensive. It is a cheaper and more abundant alternative to the other two options. 

  1. For Chemical Processing

Chemical processing requires adding different elements for sample preparation and fire prevention. Nitrogen gas is specifically used to create concentrates from chemical compounds and reduce the volume of liquids. Chemical industries also produce many chemical compounds for further pharmaceutical and agriculture manufacturing. It is used in fertilizers, explosives, and dyes. 

Final Wraps

The most abundant natural gas is also inert, making it applicable for food processing, fire suppression, and manufacturing. It is also the base compound for manufacturing ammonia and other compounds like dyes and explosives. Its inert nature is also helpful in the light bulb industry to prevent filament combustion.

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