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Nine Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2023

The interior of your house reflects who you are. Be it bold colors or neutral themes, every room in the house should reflect your personality. However, most people, when designing the layout, overlook the bathroom. 

Although you might not spend most of your time there, this place still marks the start of your day. And the beginning of your day should be spectacular, exactly like the interior of your bathroom!

The article will discuss all the latest bathroom trends you should know about. It’s time to remove the old décor and renovate your house according to the hottest Bathroom Trends for 2023.

Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2023

1. Replacing The Showers

Yes, bathtubs look very fancy, but when the space is limited, bathtubs can make the bathroom look cramped and overfilled. Not a good look, to be honest, especially when all the newer trends call for simplicity and minimalistic styles to create an elegant look.

That’s where the showers step in. If your bathroom is less spacious, there is some good news for you! The walk-in showers are luckily in trend, and they take up merely half the space a bathtub would. 

The shower replacement process is also very straightforward in Michigan, as you can find excellent professionals ready to do the job. Remember, bathroom remodeling is a time-consuming and often expensive affair that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so hire professionals to handle everything. 

But before you give the green light for the project, remember that remodeling in Michigan is between $55,000 – $85,000 – so plan everything and talk to professionals about your budget. 

A bathroom remodel in Lansing costs $15,000 – $25,000, but in Kalamazoo, it’s cheaper. Manta Business claims that in 2023, homeowners spent between $4,000 – $19,000 to upgrade and remodel their bathrooms. 

So, want that ugly showerhead to go away? Contact any Kalamazoo shower replacement company and get a new one installed right away! 

2. Glass Showers vs. Shower Curtains

It is time to bid farewell to your shower curtains and embrace glass showers with open arms. Yes, you heard that right. The trend has shifted, and more and more people have installed glass showers. The frameless glass gives an illusion of spaciousness, elegance, and sophistication.

3. Black And White Theme – A Classic?

Black and white is a classic theme for your bathroom! This tried and tested color combination is perfect for you, especially if you love neutral colors and despise anything remotely bright. When used together, these two colors give off an elegant look while ensuring that the combination offers rich contrast and depth.

The best thing about this theme is that it is timeless! The combination has been a part of the hottest trends over the years and still manages to be the favorite. You would never have to worry about keeping up with the newer bathroom trends!

4. Feeling The Blues

If you think that the combination of black and white is overdone a lot, do not worry! Luckily, shades of blues and greens are quite popular and in trend. These colors offer vibrancy and set a soothing tone at the same time. 

Blues and greens can be a breath of fresh air, especially if you are a little unconventional and prefer to explore different styles and decors. 

You can also opt for pastel hues if you prefer a softer look. Choose your favorite from the variety of shades and let your creativity take charge to transform the bathroom from a zero to a hundred.

5. Wooden Furniture

Wood and cane have made it to the list of the hottest bathroom trends in 2023, and rightly so! The trend has shifted from painted finishes to wood patterns. From wood cabinets and shelves to vanities, the trend now offers natural wood to give your bathroom a modern touch. 

Since natural wood carries aesthetic patterns and textures within itself, you do not need to go overboard with the rest of the décor. Keep the interior simple and basic to tie up the whole room together.

6. Refrigerators – In The Bathroom?

This may sound wild to some of you, but it is true! Refrigerators in the bathroom are surprisingly a popular trend in 2023.

Want to avoid making the trip to the kitchen at night? Does pitch darkness in the night scare the living hell out of you? Well, here is a simple solution for all the lazy people! 

Get a refrigerator in the bathroom. Not only can you store your medications, but also your wide range of skin care products. Instead of making trips to the kitchen, you can easily store whatever you need in the bathroom refrigerator.

7. A Vintage Aesthetic

As ironic as it may sound, vintage aesthetics is the new modern trend. Adding vintage furniture to your bathroom adds more aesthetic appeal to it. If your bathroom theme is a combination of black and white or a shade of light mint, all you need is an antique mirror to give your bathroom a vintage flair. Add a vintage cabinet to tie up the whole room together. 

8. Terrazzo

This unique style has been a favorite of many homeowners in the past. With its textures and designs, terrazzo has made a comeback, and rightfully so! The best part is that it is cost-effective to maintain. Unlike hardwood or other bathroom flooring options, this one is the easiest to clean and less susceptible to bacteria and germs.

The designs, too, are endless! You can choose from various color pallets, each offering a different and unique style every time.

However, terrazzo is moisture sensitive. Infamous for causing floors to be slippery, this flooring may not be your first option. However, you’re good to go if you can take proper care and ensure the floor does not cause embarrassing falls. 

9. Bidets

It is time to say goodbye to toilet paper because bidets have made it to the list. Although bidets have been around since the 17th century, they have finally entered American homes. Not only are they comfortable to use, but they also offer hygiene a toilet paper could never. 

COVID-19 made hygiene’s importance painfully clear to many people. Since then, the number of bidet users has increased to the point that they have become the hottest trend in 2023. 

It is time to get a bidet installed because personal hygiene comes first! 

Conclusion – Bathroom Trends for 2023

If your bathroom looks dull lately, it is time to make changes. The choice is yours, from giving your bathroom a modern touch by using fancy showers to embracing the vintage flair. Remember to be creative and think outside the box; the bathroom transformation will be amazing!

We hope you learned something from this article. If you think we missed something, please tell us in the comments below. 

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