Best Digital Cameras in 2018

The camera games are ever changing as you can see in the mobile phone industry, newer models all have those dual camera systems. Most of them don’t even know how to integrate dual cameras properly, but still got to keep up with the tech. If you are happy with the smartphone camera photography then we have the list of phones with the best cameras to buy in 2018 for you. But, in case, you have the inner passion to photograph and you are seeking for that perfect digital camera to satisfy your inner desire and polish your skills with it then read along. We have added the list of the best cameras in 2018 that you can buy and practice your passion with.

When we talk about the professional digital camera, the change is also coming, newer less bulky models are available with more and more exciting specifications that will blow your mind. The number of casual and semi-pro level photographers have boosted in the past 2 years, which directly means more and more digital cameras are being sold online. But why buy a camera online when you can get one at a good camera store?

The answer is simple, one word.. ‘Research’. When you are at a camera store and looking at different cameras, camera lens the storekeeper mostly tries to sell you the ones they want to sell. And you probably don’t have enough time to research all the info you need before buying over there, which you can do online at home. You can read hundreds of blogs and articles online to find the best digital camera and read the camera reviews for it. You can pick from any manufacturer, any type of camera like Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, canon cameras, etc..   and you have the power to compare these products online along with their accessories like the camera lens, camera bag or more.

So, if the question still comes to your mind whether why should I not go to a camera store near me? Well, honestly you can. There’s nothing wrong with it, but we just want you to do your homework and know what you want to buy before you actually step in a store.

The list below has been made considering many different aspects of a camera, and we have chosen the cameras below mostly based on their performance.But there are other factors also considered like availability in market, expense and more. hence, without further ado, let’s begin the list of best cameras in 2018.

Top 5 best digital cameras in 2018

1) Fujifilm X100F

Price : $1,299 on Amazon.com

The Fujifilm x1000F might be a little expensive but it is a classy camera, which doesn’t disappoint you while taking a shot. It has a fixed lens which is 35mm  f/2.0 lens along with a 24.3MP APS-C sensor. Fujifilm x1000F has external tactile controls and a quite remarkable hybrid viewfinder. To perform or take shots with this camera a little knowledge about it is needed, on how to operate it. But the good part is that the resultant photos are awing and the autofocus is quite snappy too, which is an improvement from its predecessors. Although the battery could be a little better. But the Fujifilm x1000F makes up for it in its amazing wide-angle images, quick autofocus, and a beautiful design. The background in the images taken by this camera is quite blurred when an object in the foreground is focused which is good. Shooting at too low  ISO can damage the dynamic range, and while shooting outside with bright sun, it’s better to have a lens hood strapped on.

Overall the reason why this camera is on top of our list of best cameras in 2018 is that of the breathtaking images it takes and how compact it is. The price per performance is also great. This camera suits both an amateur and a professional photographer as both kinds of people hold this camera in high remarks.



2) Nikon D850

Price : $3,296 on Amazon.com

Nikon D850 is a 45.4MP DSLR with Nikon F mount lens. It has an optical viewfinder and a 3.2inch tilt-able touchscreen. It shoots movies in 4k and is mostly used by expert photographers or moviemakers. The picture quality is pristine. It also provides SnapBridge connectivity. The price for this camera is expensive and there is a reason behind it too. If you ask any professional to comment on this camera as of right now, you will only hear good things as the Nikon D850 checks every box. You can burst to shoot at 9 frames per second. It takes amazing photos of landscape or nature.

All in all its just a masterpiece which should have been on top of this list of best cameras in 2018 but the Fujifilm x1000F is actually one-third the price of Nikon D850. and not everybody votes for this camera in that regard due to its expensiveness.



3) Sony Cyber-shot RX100

Price: Starting from $448 on Amazon.com

Now, this is a cheap and compact camera. As you might have judged already that our list of best cameras in 2018 is a mixture of both kind of audience the professionals and the amateur. Although its cheaper than other cameras, the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 still is pretty amazing for its price. At just above 400$ you get a 20.2-megapixel main sensor, a 28-100mm lens with aperture f/1.8-4.9, a 3-inch screen(not touch), and videos up-to 1080p. These specs are not great but not bad at all eight considering the price and the quality of the final images are also amazing, without compromise. This is among the best compact cameras as of today.



4) Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100

Price: $597 on Amazon.com

the Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100 has a 20.1mp main sensor which also records video at 4k with its 25-250mm f/2.8-5.9 zoom lens. For still photography, there is Panasonic’s Power OIS stabilization system. it has a 10x optical zoom. The 4k recording is usually at 25-30 fps. this all makes the Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100  an amazing compact camera with all the basics of a full DSLR in more compact style. So, if you need something on a little smaller budget and size as compared to the huge DSLR’s then the Panasonic Lumix ZS100 is probably a good way to go.


5) Sony Alpha A7R III

Price : $3,198 on Amazon.com

The Sony Alpha A7R III has a lot of megapixels for its main sensor, exactly 42.4MP. Its a Full-frame CMOS sensor with Sony E-mount lens and a 3.0-inch tilt-angle screen. this camera can shoot movies up-to 4k.  the Sony Alpha A7R III  can be a called a close runner-up for Nikon’s D850 as it has some similar specs. But some unique too like electronic viewfinder (EVF). The Sony Alpha A7R III is a serious upgrade from its predecessor which also one of the best of its time. Getting a Sony Alpha A7R III is not cheap, not cheap at all. as it cost over 3 thousand USD. But if you are passionate enough and only want what is best the  Sony Alpha A7R III is the way to go.



This concludes the list of best digital cameras in 2018. The price range and usability were kept in mind while making this list. Also, stay in touch as we will keep adding the best cameras of the year.

Have a good time photographing the happiness!

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