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What Are The Best Social Media Platforms To Market Your Business?

Previously, we talked about “Why it is important to have social media presence for your business” and we also talk about all the effective strategies to market your business through social media. Today, we are going to list down the most effective and the best social media platforms to market your small business. We will also mention the edge that you will be getting by signing up on those social media sites.

Just because the motto of this blog is to mention all the right social media platforms for your new business, we will keep it simple and to the point. Begin reading!!

Best Social Media Platforms For Your New Business

Social Media has genuinely changed the whole business of marketing and advertising. It is generally proposed that to build your brand presence, you should be dynamically active on all types of social media platforms. While that might be valid, except if your organization has a committed social media expert, finding an opportunity to keep up each platform out there can be tedious. So, make sure you have a strong social media support plan set up. If utilized in the correct way it will serve you, your brand, and your business endeavors well.

Here is our manual for picking the best social media platforms for your business, and how to make the most of them.


Who uses it: Everyone, and by everyone, we literally mean everyone. From children of age 7 to Grannies of age 70, almost everyone is on Facebook and actively using it.

Population: 2.25 Billion active users.

What to share: Anything that won’t go against the Facebook policy. You can share a picture, a link to your website or e-commerce site, a video, a note, an ad, an event, a poll, a question, or literally anything.

Frequency of posts: It depends on the nature of your business and varies from multiple posts per day to 2-3 posts per week.

Why Facebook: Regardless of whether your business objective is branding, driving traffic to your website, getting conversions, Facebook should (and more than likely will) have a prominent effect in achieving your objectives when utilized appropriately.

Facebook’s wide client base and demographics of clients is the primary reason it’s at the highest priority on our list; nearly anybody can discover their intended interest group on this stage and get before them.

Facebook’s advertising stage is by the far the most created of the majority of the social media platforms. On Facebook, you can focus on age, sexual orientation, work, interests, acquiring practices, relationship status and even more. This enables you to focus on your correct group of audience and put your promotions and content in their newsfeed where they are now looking over.


Who uses it: Famous people, multinational companies, big brands, and common people as well

Population: 340 Million

What to share: A link, your message (280 characters), image, video, a poll, retweet, reply to tweets, trending hashtags.

Frequency of posts: Same as Facebook. You can share multiple posts in a single day or two to three a week. However, the more you engage with your audience, the better.


Twitter is the predominant majority rules system of the social-sharing economy. Significance, relevance, and curtness are the keys to making your voice heard.

Twitter is incredible for connecting with new potential clients through its utilization of hashtags. Like Instagram, you can look through a hashtag and find different posts from buyers and organizations alike that have utilized that hashtag.

This implies you can discover people looking for something that your organization offers and the other way around!


Who uses it: Mostly young people, big brands, famous celebrities, struggling artists.

Population: 1 Billion active users

What to share: A picture, a video.

Frequency of posts:  Depends on your business requirement. From multiple posts a day to at least one post per day.

Why: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, saw such a great potential in Instagram and the perks of the platforms that he ought it out only in a year and a half after it propelled for $1 billion, and it has kept on developing since.

Instagram approaches the same broad client base and advertising stage simply like the Facebook does. So, Instagram has the greater part of the same paid advantages of Facebook, yet Instagram additionally has its own arrangement of natural advantages.

When we utilize the expression “natural,” we mean capacities you can perform or results you can accomplish without specifically paying for them in advertising dollars.

On Facebook, you need to pay for advertising efforts to develop your devotees and increment the scope of your page and posts. On Instagram, you can develop your adherents naturally and along these lines develop the span of your profile and posts naturally too!


Who uses it: Just like Facebook, almost everyone is using YouTube. From brands like Nike to celebrities like Drake and even common people, everyone is either watching videos on YouTube or advertising and sharing theirs.

Population: 1.6 Billion signed up users

What to share: Videos, videos, and loads of videos.

Frequency of posts: one video per day, multiple videos per day, a single video per week or even a month.

Why: YouTube is a social media platform that enables people to watch and upload videos.

YouTube has the advantage of visual substance, yet not at all like the other social media locales for businesses that we’ve mentioned up until this point, it has the one of a kind position of being claimed by Google!

Along these lines, YouTube approaches Google’s advertising stage, and you can utilize this further bolstering your good fortune when running YouTube promotions.

It likewise emulates its parent organization in that you can improve the hunt for your organization’s YouTube videos with the correct keywords.

Without spending additional dollars on the advertisements, you can influence your YouTube videos to have higher pursuit rankings by incorporating the targeted keyword in your title and description.

Google Plus

Who uses it: Bloggers, big brands, famous people, and almost everyone who has a Gmail id.

Population: 2.2 Billion active users

What to share: A picture, a message, a video, a link.

Frequency of posts: one post per day to 2-3 posts per week.

Why: Just like YouTube, Google Plus is likewise owned by Google. Dissimilar to the majority of the other social media locales for business on this rundown, Google Plus can also boost your SEO rankings naturally on Google.

Posting on Google Plus frequently won’t just open your organization to its many million dynamic clients, yet it additionally enables Google to get more astute at realizing what your site is about, and what it should rank for on Google!


Who uses it: Big business, small business, bloggers, common people (mostly girls)

Population: 250 Million active users

What to share: Images, images, images, hashtags, hashtags, hashtags!

Frequency of posts: Multiple posts per day to 2-3 posts per week

Why: If your business falls inside a creative industry of any sort or caters to females, at that point, Pinterest is a social media platform you need to be on.

Pinterest has almost 250 million active users comprising 81% of female users. 93% of dynamic pinners said they utilize Pinterest to get ready for buys. 87% said they’ve bought something in light of Pinterest.

Despite the fact that Pinterest’s advertising stage isn’t as cutting-edge as Facebook’s, you can even now utilize paid advertisements to support the compass of your posts. You can similarly track online transformations through your Pinterest promotions.

Also, Pinterest has some natural abilities that other social stages don’t. Natural reach on a Pinterest post is controlled by the measure of keywords in a post and on the off chance that they line up with what your targeted audience has looked on Pinterest.

This allows organizations to deliberately design their substance to contain words that are looked through a great deal on Pinterest, without using additional advertising dollars!


Who uses it: Job seekers, Recruiters, big brands, small business, large organizations.

Population: 500 Million active users

What to share: Job postings, new products announcements, articles, company descriptions.

Frequency of posts: 2-3 posts per week.


If your business takes after a B2B model then LinkedIn can be a great device for you!

Since LinkedIn is thought to be a social media platform for business, individuals frequently incorporate more exact data about their bosses, work positions, work email locations and more than they do on other social media stages that are used more for individual utilize.

LinkedIn’s advertising stage isn’t as good as Facebook’s, yet it gives you significantly more exposure with regards to positions to focus than Facebook does. This can be significant if all that really matters of your business is needy after focusing on particular organizations or occupation titles.


Who uses it: Mostly young people, celebrities, brands.

Population: 200 Million active users

What to share: Pictures, videos.

Frequency of posts: multiple posts per day, at least a post a day.

Why: Snapchat is an application that enables clients to share Snaps (a photograph or video) either directly or by uploading Story.

A Snap sent directly to another person must be seen once, however, a Snap on a Story, stays up to 24 hours after it’s posted.

In the event that your objective market is to a great extent involved a more youthful statistic, at that point Snapchat might be one of the more compelling social media locales for business for you!

Truth be told, Snapchat has in excess of 10 million everyday video views. Are your organization’s recordings taking advantage of this day by day viewings?

Snapchat likewise offers advertising choices where you can pay to have a linkable Snapchat in the Discovery area of Snapchat.

Between naturally posting content on your organization’s Snapchat Story and paying to post Snapchat in your intended interest group’s Top Story and Discovery feed, you’re certain to achieve your market on one of the most youthful and quickest developing social media stages!


Who uses it: Big and small organizations, reviewers, bloggers.

Population: More than 100 Million active users.

What to share: Business Reviews.

Frequency of posts:  twice a week.

Why: Yelp might not be the social media platform that comes to your mind when you think of the right and the most effective social media to market your business, yet it is on this list since it plays an essential part in keeping up your organization’s brand and picture!

Yelp allows your business to keep up your notoriety by empowering solid surveys and reacting to the negative audits.

By doing this, you fabricate a natural feeling of straightforwardness and trust between your business and your buyers, and this can have a gigantic influence in developing and holding your client base.


Who uses it: Young people (70% male and 30% female), big and small organizations.

Population: More than 300 Million active users.

What to share: A link, an image, a message, an article.

Frequency of posts: 2-3 posts per day to 2-3 posts per week.

Why: Reddit has seen its popularity increasing by 30% in the course of the most recent a half year, a critical move. And it’s not simply the wide numbers, Reddit clients are likewise significantly more dynamic. The stage’s additionally attempting to enable promoters to improve utilization of that commitment and reach – and while Reddit has for quite some time been viewed as a dangerous recommendation for publicists (because of the Reddit people group’s protection from advertisements), that might move.

Reddit’s human-based balance process (each subreddit is directed by volunteer clients) may really be more powerful in revealing content, enhancing discovery, while likewise empowering clients to keep in contact with particular subjects.

And it’s astounding how regularly Reddit is well in front of the patterns on this front – frequently you’ll see images and viral hits spiking on different platforms weeks behind when you first observed them on Reddit. Clients of the stage, which has since quite a while ago meant itself as ‘the first page of the web’, pride themselves on being on top of things, which can likewise enable you to remain over the most recent inclining subjects and talks.

While Facebook’s calculation has turned into the format for mechanized revelation, Reddit’s framework ought to be viewed as the same for human-based control, and that is ground-breaking, more so than generally figure it out.

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