Cordless Leaf blowers – Their Features, Uses, and perks

If leaves keep piling up in your garden and you don’t know what to do then you should probably buy a leaf blower and if you want to stay away from electricity then a cordless leaf blower is probably the best choice for you especially if you are passionate about gardening.

They clean the garden after you are done with your mowing. They can be operated quite easily. There are many benefits when it comes to owning a cordless leaf blower. They are powered by electrical motors and some models use rechargeable batteries.

They can either be handheld or mounted on your back like a backpack. If you are losing for a leaf blower which lasts longer then the latter is the one you should go with.

There are many advantages of a cordless leaf blower. The main benefit of cordless leaf blowers is that they do not require any cables. You won’t have any extension cord on your lawn while blowing away leaves and dirt.

The ones that don’t use gasoline won’t emit any odor and hence your garden won’t smell like gas after you are finished. They barely make any noise when compared to the corded leaf blowers.They are not that expensive and the rechargeable ones can be recharged without any issues.

There are many different models and brand from which you can choose. And obviously, some models will be better than the other but this is the case with every product.

These are easier to maintain than gas-powered leaf blowers and they start easily. The electric leaf blowers which have a higher power is way more efficient and effective when it comes to removing debris from the garden and they cover a larger area.

A nice thing about cordless leaf blowers is that you will have a lot of choices when it come to power.

The difference between cordless and corded leaf blowers

The corded leaf blowers are known for providing constant power which and you don’t have to carry any batteries with you. Its mobility is limited because of its cord.

Hence it’s better to use this to clean the close quarters of your garden. Although you can extend the length of the cord by getting an extension cord which is compatible with the machine.

The cordless leaf blowers, on the other hand, offer a lot more mobility as you can carry it around with you.

They have high powered batteries in them which increases the weight of the machine. The batteries need to be recharged from time to time and you might want to stock up on these batteries.

Cordless leaf blowers are not too pricey. They don’t weigh much and can be easily moved around. The reason why the cordless leaf blower is so popular is that they do not have cords. They do not require electricity and they can be used in many places. It gives you the freedom to move around while cleaning.

Features of a cordless leaf blower

When buying a cordless leafblower you must definitely think about its features. Some of the main features which you need to remember while buying one of these machines are its battery, vacuum option, ease of handling and sufficient power.

The battery is probably the most important feature to remember as it will determine the usage of the leaf blower at a single time and it also has a great effect on the machine’s power.

Lithium-ion batteries are the best and therefore you should check which one of the leaf blowers are powered by lithium batteries. They run a lot longer compared to batteries which use nickel cadmium power source.

They are also very light and the power won’t fade away while using them.This battery is known for providing consistent power hence you should check the battery of the leaf blower before buying it.

Having a charger is also equally important and while buying a leaf blower you should check this out as well.A few manufacturers are known to make batteries that are interchangeable which means that you don’t have to buy a new battery if you already have a one that fits. The maximum running time of these batteries is 20 minutes depending on the work you do and some may even last only up to 10 minutes.

Some best cordless leaf blowers have the option of vacuuming debris and dirt. This means that instead of blowing the leaves away it is going to suck them in. Though the efficiency of this product is debatable.  

You also need to make sure that the model you are purchasing has enough blowing power which will get your work done. Some machines are useless when it comes to cleaning debris and hence you should find a blower that has enough speed to blow the debris away.

Uses of cordless leaf blowers

Leaf blowers aren’t intended for large scale projects they are more suited for cleaning grass clippings or leaves. When gas powered units fail, these cordless leaf blowers will come to your rescue.

These are bought for their ability to clean gardens and small areas so you can’t expect these machines to perform heavy-duty work. They are very durable and light which is their main selling point.

While using this blower you should think about your neighbors as these machines are not too quiet. The best time to use this blower is in the evening.

So if you are thinking about buying a blower then you probably should as it is a good tool to have and it reduces human effort. The backpack leaf blowers use gasoline but a bit more effective.

They emit gases which are not environmentally friendly and if you are a person who hates pollution then you should stay away from it.

Instead, you can buy a cordless leaf blower. You should be careful about using this in front of kids or pets as there is debris flying everywhere and it could get it their eyes or ears and could seriously injure them.

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