5 Dangerous Types of Dancing Partners

Ballroom and social dancing will never go out of trend. People always loved to dance, and they always loved to dance in pairs. No matter if you are an engaged professional dancer or just do it on the weekends for fun, a good partner is important. You can be a virtuous dancer whose every step is perfectly adjusted, but if your partner doesn’t feel you and keep up, it won’t work. Dance the magic created by two, and you can be responsible only for your part.


The longer you dance, the more problematic dancers you’ve seen and perhaps dealt with. Not only is it annoying and makes difficulties while moving – you can have a real sports injury. Sudden stops on the big amplitude of movement, awkward steps, and impossibility to predict the partner’s movement create additional risks.

How Does the Most Dangerous Dancing Behavior Look Like?

Here are the most dangerous types of dancing behaviors. If your partner is like this, you better look for another one. Or, maybe you will recognize yourself in one of these descriptions? If so, you should have more practice and work on your technique and connection to the partner.


Overconfident dancers’ movements are too persistent. They don’t connect to their partners and are too aggressive in doing what they think is better. Their uncontrolled force can lead to shoulder sprains and back injury in partners whom they just don’t feel. You can be that partner if partners often reject you, resist your movements or tell you straight that you are too aggressive.


These dancers want to do everything as fast as possible. They have the same problem that the previous group has – lack of connection and attention to a partner’s movements. At such speeds, any small unadjusted detail can lead to an injury. You can be that partner if you think that movements must be multiple and complicated, and the rhythm of music has secondary importance.

Slow reactions

Such dancers usually have no problems with the connection but they don’t react in time. Usually, it is a problem of novices who aren’t confident about their movements. They create a risk of collision with other dancers and injuries related to this. If you notice such situations often, keep yourself more concentrated and evaluate the space you are moving in.

Stressful reactions

This type of dancer is a bag of nerves. They badly lack confidence and always think that they’re doing something wrong and try to fix everything immediately in a hysterical manner. Their movements are sudden and not clearly understandable by their partners. Sudden unpredictable movements create the risk of injuries. This may be you if you worry too much about your dancing technique. Take it easy and listen to your body, music, and your partner!

Did you recognize yourself in the types described above? If no – good for you. If you did, talk to more experienced dancers. This may be not only your teacher but people who have more experience than you. Asking novices about your technique is a bad idea – they have no experience to feel it. If your partner has such habits, you should talk to him/her and don’t be afraid to hurt their feelings. Your politeness may end with an injury, don’t forget that.

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