9 Most Shocking Revelations About Eyelid Surgery

There is sunscreen for the skin, but what it is for the eyes and eyelids!  Eyelids are the most neglected part of the body. They blink a thousand times a day, by using tons of tiny muscles and ligaments to shutter your skin with specialized tissue and skin. But, when you realize how fragile and delicate the eyelids are thinking about their work, you will feel amazed!

Furthermore, eyelids work so hard throughout the life that you can call them as one of the fastest aging parts of the body.

In fact, the first aging signs you will observe are on and around the eyelids. Whether it’s the eye bags or the crow’s feet, the signs of aging are linked to the eyelids. This is also a reason why Eyelift surgeries or Blepharoplasty have become common.


What Is Blepharoplasty?

It’s a type of surgery that helps to repair droopy eyelids and also involves removing excess skin, muscle, and fat from the eyes(upper and lower eyelid). It also aids in improving vision by offering a clear view, which droopy eyelids were once obstructing. Blepharoplasty can be an option if you have:

Excess skin on the upper eyelids which obstruct the peripheral vision

  • Excess skin on the lower
  • Droopy or baggy eyelids
  • Bags under your eyes

Here are five interesting facts related to eyelid surgery:

They Are Long-Lasting:

While the results of the surgery are long-lasting, it’s longevity depend on the patient’s genetics. A healthy diet, regular exercise, good skin care are some of the practices that can help in longer results.

Blepharoplasty Is Not Just Cosmetic:

While the eyelid surgery from the Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery helps to tighten loose, sagging skin and aids in removing excess fat from the eyes, there are many other practical applications associated with it. It can lift and tighten eyelids that obstruct the visual field. By removing the extra skin, the blepharoplasty improves vision.

It Is Only For Women:

While the maximum number of women opts the procedure, men also undergo blepharoplasty.

Results Will Improve After Surgery:

Although you will see immediate results right after the eyelid operation, in some cases it might take a year for the surgery to come in line with other eye muscles. The skin around the eyes and tissues take some time to settle in place. Of course, the results might take some time, the improvements are visible and long-lasting.

Eyelid Surgery Is The Second Most Popular Facial Surgery:

After rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery is one of the top cosmetic surgeries of the world. in fact,  over 100,000 eyelid surgeries occur every year only in the United States.

You Will, Remain Awake During The Process:

While you can have anesthesia, most people are happy to know what surgeons will put in your eyelid surgery. Also, to keep you relaxed the surgeons will use deep sedation method to relax you during the process.

There Are No Scars:

People often dread from the eyelid surgery because of the scars it offers. However, experienced surgeons know how to make incision lines follow the natural crease of the body. Later the scars will get camouflaged, and over time they will fade away.

Also, the incision is hidden in between the crease of the eyelid and below the lashes. The scars will fade with time and will also become indiscernible.

You Might Get Insurance:

While most insurance companies do not pay for cosmetic surgery, eyelid surgery is an exception. If your eyelid doctor finds that your issue is affecting your vision, chances are you might get insurance.

However, for this, you need to discuss with your surgeon to see if your insurance company is likely to pay for it.

There Are Many Side Effects Of The Surgery, Which Can Last For Many Days:

Of course, you need to stay in a recovery room under doctor’s observation for some time; there aren’t any side effects of the surgery.  However. You might get watered eyes, light sensitivity in the eyes, blurred vision, double vision, puffy and numb eyelids, but for some days only.

So, ready to shape your eyes? Keep the above facts in mind and define your eyelids with the surgery!

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