How to stimulate hair growth after chemo?

Hair loss from chemo is often temporary. This means that it is possible to regrow hair after chemo. You can normally expect hair growth after chemo three to six months after the therapy if your hair follicles are not damaged. If you don’t find the hair regrowth sufficient. You may be able to activate inactive hair follicles with a hair growth agent. A well-known hair growth drug is minoxidil, which is known to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. But there are side effects associated with this, such as irritation on the scalp, eczema, low blood pressure, and dizziness. 

Because of these many possible side effects, Neofollics has developed a Minoxidil alternative. It offers an effective solution to combat most hair problems. The alternative is a Lotion that contains the unique hair growth complex called Neoxyl®. This hair growth complex consists out of 10 active ingredients that treat hair loss in multiple ways. The ingredients are scientifically proven and more effective in the growth of dermal papilla cells than Minoxidil. This also plays an important role in hair growth.

Can my diet affect hair growth after chemo?

It is possible to boost your hair growth after chemo with healthy vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. To support hair growth after chemo an effective vitamin is Biotin. This vitamin improves the structure of keratin, a protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails, so it can improve hair health including volume. Other healthy vitamins that can support hair growth are vitamins A and C.  Vitamin A is known to keep your skin healthy and promotes the secretion of sebum. Sebum is a substance that can cause damage to your hair and scalp and possibly lead to inflammation and flaking. Vitamin C is a nutrient that helps grow and strengthen hair because it builds collagen which is important for hair growth.  

If you use a potent lotion, rich in essential oils and nourishing ingredients, and maintain a diet abundant in healthy nutrients and vitamins, you may be able to stimulate hair growth following chemotherapy. The success of this effort primarily depends on the extent to which your hair follicles were affected during the treatment process. Chemotherapy can cause temporary or permanent damage to hair follicles, resulting in varying degrees of hair loss. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the state of your hair follicles post-treatment.

More on diet and hair care practices

In addition to using a specialized lotion and consuming a balanced diet, incorporating other hair care practices, such as gentle scalp massages, can also promote hair regrowth. Scalp massages help increase blood flow, providing vital nutrients to hair follicles and encouraging growth. Furthermore, using mild shampoos and conditioners formulated for sensitive scalps can help prevent further damage to your hair and scalp. It’s important to remember that hair growth after chemotherapy may be a slow process, and it can take time for your hair to regain its previous thickness and texture.

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