Essential Things That You Should Know about Hatching Quail Eggs

There are many reasons to hatch your quail, including the fact that they’re small and cute! You might want their eggs for consumption, as they contain protein, iron, and other nutrients, or even for their meat, which is beneficial for the body’s tissues, eyes, heart, and immune system. They taste similar to chicken eggs but have less fat and cholesterol per serving than most other poultry eggs. 

People can find the best quail hatching eggs online from a reputed breeder specializing in quail eggs, especially those bred from the unique Coturnix Quail. These species of quail are famous for laying around 300 eggs annually, laying one egg daily. Before folks go ahead and order a set of these items, these are some things they ought to know beforehand. 

How to recognize them? 

Fertile quail eggs are easily seen because they are larger than unfertilized ones (if compared side-by-side). If a quail egg is fertile, it will begin to grow. The first visible sign of this is that the yolk becomes bigger and darker in color, which can happen anywhere from one to three days after the laying of the egg.

By candling it, you can also tell if a quail egg is fertile, which shines a light through the egg to see inside. If you see a dark spot in the middle of your egg and it’s moving, then an embryo is inside. If there isn’t any movement or dark spots, your quail has not been fertilized and will not hatch out of its shell like chickens do when they are born from their shells.

Tips on hatching quail eggs

These are some tips that you can use to hatch a quail egg using an incubator. These are especially helpful if you’re hatching them for the first time.

Ensure it’s clean and disinfected 

Clean the incubator thoroughly with a disinfectant before you put an egg in it. Make sure the temperature is correct for your breed. You should set the incubator to 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) for Coturnix quail. Humidity levels should be between 50% and 70%, which means you’ll need a hygrometer if you don’t already have one.

Switch on the incubator 24 hours before 

Turn your incubator on 24 hours before putting them inside. It will allow it time to reach its ideal temperature and humidity levels. 

Do they require a nest box?

Quail do not need a nest box the same way chickens do, although some prefer them anyway, especially if you keep them with chickens. If you plan on giving your quail a nest box, ensure it is clean and dry.

How to choose a breeder?

It would help if you chose a breeder with the best Coturnix Quail breed, top quality, and quick shipping. Choose a company that ships the eggs by 72 hours from the time they are laid and has the perfect pairing to ensure the highest fertility rates. 

Inquire regarding the size of the egg, which will be about 15.6 grams per egg. Ask them about their packing method and if they have foam egg shippers that provide optimal protection during shipment. Lastly, check if they have a replacement policy if you received damaged products during the shipment.

You will find information such as this helpful while buying quail hatching eggs and incubating them, especially if you are doing so for the first time. Buying them online is the best option, as the process is easy and convenient, and you will get fresh, high-quality eggs.

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