How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Miami?

One of the oldest American schools of realtors has existed for over 100 years. And for the same number of years, there has been a code of ethics, which became the basis for becoming a competent broker. That is why becoming a real estate agent in America and, in particular, in Miami is not easy. After all, candidates must receive a license that confirms their professionalism and law-abidingness. But if you ask CardinalMiami how to become a broker in Miami Florida, the company can give you quite professional advice.

How to become a broker in Miami Florida? Those who want to get the right to commercial real estate activity have to graduate from the school for realtors. According to the law, the education at the school lasts 45 hours, after which students must pass the final paid exam, which consists of two parts: knowledge of national laws governing the estate market, and the laws of the state. “How much do I have to pay for my education?” – you ask. It is approximately $400-$1500. And the exam cost is also quite expensive.

Then you need to find a real estate company that will give the future agents a written confirmation that it is ready to accept them into its ranks. The agent will then be able to obtain a license. Your license allows working only in the state where the exam was passed. The agent is obliged to register and pay a cash fee. This eliminates the possibility of black brokerage.

The prerequisites for those wishing to become real estate agents are over 18 years of age and no criminal record. An agent is required to undergo retraining and receive a certificate of professional development every two years in the United States. When moving to another state, the license must be obtained again.

How to become a real estate agent in Miami? The successful realtor does the following services:

  • Search or selection of real estate objects (search for clients, selection of options, organization of object inspections, etc.);
  • Consulting work (consulting clients on all issues of the real estate market);
  • Registration of transactions (preliminary agreement, receipt of a deposit, lease agreement, etc.);
  • Property valuation;
  • Checking the history of real estate and all aspects related to the security of the transaction;

How to Become a Realtor in Miami and Work in the Best Agency

A realtor in Florida is an employee of a real estate agency who deals with operations related to the lease, purchase, or sale of residential and non-residential properties, and acts as an intermediary between the parties to the transaction.

“How to become a realtor in Miami?”, you may ask. The company CardinalMiami has many years of experience in the luxury real estate market of the city of Miami and has already managed to establish itself as a reliable company with a serious and qualified staff. But thanks to the passion for the business, there are always realtor vacancies in the agency.

CardinalMiami welcomes active and motivated team members. If you are enthusiastic and committed to the result, then the company will be glad to see you in its ranks.

CardinalMiami offers:

  • You become an employee of a stable and dynamically developing company;
  • Comfortable workplaces in the branches of the agency;
  • The largest database of real estate with current options and prices;
  • Active use of advertising to attract new clients at the expense of the agency;
  • Conclusion of contracts in accordance with the legislation;
  • Permanent and free training and professional development;
  • Stability of wages and financial motivation;

So, how to become a real estate agent in Miami Florida? Turn to the CardinalMiami agency. It is the market leader, so you will have no problems working in the company.

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