Is It Love Or Infatuation – How To Know The Difference

“Is it true love or infatuation?”, has always been one of the frequently asked questions of young people of all

the times.

And if you are here, you might be going through the same situation that millions of other people experience at this age. The sweet age of youth, the age that ignites the fire within ourselves, and the age of chaos, confusions, and questions.

I saw that person sitting in the library reading a book and believe it or not, my heart skips a beat. I heard violins playing around. I felt winds blowing and Ed Sheeran singing “Perfect” in my ears, quietly, beautifully.

Have you been through this feeling? Or maybe some other feeling that makes you question, “Am I in love?”, followed by blushes and smiles.

If you have ever been through this situation where you thought “This is my person. I love him and I can’t be without him.” then continue reading this article. And if you are someone who doesn’t believe in love and consider it a waste of time then my dear, you are at the wrong place, stop reading! *Oops*

love vs infatuation

To all the crazy lovers, if you are being skeptic about your lovey-dovey situation and your mind is continuously buzzing with the questions like Is this love, or “How do I know if it is true love or infatuation”, or “How to understand the difference between love and infatuation”, or any other question of the same sort then hold your heart, I am going to answer all of your concerns. I am pretty sure that after reading this article you will not have any confusion left in your mind. You will have your final question that whether you are in love or it is just another regular crush.

The Difference Between Love and Infatuation

It is difficult to characterize our affections for others especially the one that leaves us spellbound. Getting a particular definition for either isn’t a simple errand. I generally thought infatuation was a piece of love. I thought they supplemented each other—until the point when I encountered both and found that they can’t exist together. There are excessively numerous individuals who are persuaded that they’re in love with somebody since they’re astonishing and they can’t quit considering them, yet the fact of the matter is more often than not the force that accompanies truly loving somebody isn’t love—it’s infatuation.

Intelligently, differentiating amongst infatuation and true love doesn’t bode well. Be that as it may, our dialect is a confounded one. We utilize words like “genuine,” “truly” and “totally” to include accentuation when, as a general rule, they do minimal more than shading the first word a somewhat extraordinary shade – apparently a brighter one.

is it love or infatuation

In any case, it is acknowledged that while infatuation can be temporary, true love is everlasting. True love and infatuation are nearly a similar thing. What separates them are simply the manners in which you feel about each other. I’ll yield to this semantic sleight of hand and play along. When it is quite difficult to differentiate between the two for newbies, there is actually pretty clear distinction that you will know once you have experienced both. However, if you want to understand this right now, here are the differences,

  1. Infatuation is the instant feeling of attraction. It happens in a flash. On the other hand, love is a moderate process and it takes time to happen.
  2. Infatuation aches for physical warmth. Whereas, Love hungers for a more profound connection.
  3. Infatuation influences you to act nonsensically or ‘insane.’ And love, it promotes peace and makes you calm.
  4. Infatuation is extraordinary, however, fleeting and love is comforting yet it lives forever.
  5. Infatuation can leave unannounced. Love gives clarifications.
  6. Infatuation is not monogamous. Love is content with one person.
  7. Infatuation is vague. Love is selective.
  8. Infatuation is foolhardy with our feelings. Love is more circumspect.
  9. Infatuation has ulterior intentions. Love has bona fide expectations.
  10. Infatuation brings out fixation and envy. Love brings out comprehension and trust.
  11. Infatuation is superficial yet love is profound.
  12. Infatuation is childish and depleting. Love is thoughtful and empowering,
  13. Infatuation overemphasizes little things. Love releases them.
  14. Infatuation is being in love with the possibility of somebody. Love is being in love with who the individual truly is.
  15. Infatuation comes from instability. Love originates from confidence.
  16. Infatuation makes you vindictive. Love improves you as a person.
  17. Infatuation influences you to overlook you have an existence. Love is incorporated with yours.
  18. Infatuation is chaos. Love is peace.
  19. Infatuation figures love ought to be great. Love knows it’s not but rather it doesn’t make a difference
  20. Infatuation is possessive. Love is liberal.
  21. Infatuation detain feelings of spite while love let it go. Love forgives.
  22. Infatuation keeps you speculating. Love ends your worries.
  23. Infatuation blossoms with playing recreations. Love blossoms with significant associations.
  24. Infatuation is rough. Love is strong.
  25. Infatuation is preposterous. Love is genuine.
  26. Infatuation takes after a timetable. Love is ageless.
  27. Infatuation has implausible desires. Love has reasonable gauges.
  28. Infatuation develops with want. Love develops with companionship.
  29. Infatuation cages you. Love is freedom.
  30. No matter how reliable it looks, infatuation will fade and no matter how misunderstood it is, love stays. Love prevails.

After these simple points of differences between love and infatuation are enough to answer you, “If it is love or infatuation?” And if you are still confused, calm down, you will know it when you will live it.

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