How can we prevent martial arts injuries?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a type of combat sport in which both the opponents use different techniques from different games at a time, and there is no particular technique to play this highly dangerous combat sports.

The players of Mixed Martial Arts use techniques from martial arts and from other types of sports too. The only reason for the fight is to win.

For winning the game, they can use any technique, which makes this combat sports to difficult to understand and because of which it is highly risky, as your opponent will never know which method you are going to use in your next step.

When both the opponents use such type of different techniques, it makes sure that there are high chances of getting injuries, so today with this article we are going to talk about How to prevent injury in MMA?

We will talk about the five most common injuries that these combat sports players face in the game, and we will know about the precautions for those injuries


This is the most faced problem with MMA fighters. Fighters hold back because it is against the rules for breaking their opponent’s bones during the match.

But with the type of techniques, they play the game is something else, something unknown. Both the opponents are not aware of that what is going to happen in next second, what type of technique their opponent is going to put forward them and what they have to face in the next step.

For preventing such injury as fractures, one should be aware of what type of techniques their opponent uses the most, fighters should know about their opponent; they should do the homework for preventing themselves from fractures.

Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow

The second most popular or injury faced by, MMA fighters are Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow injuries. Such injuries occur because this game is all about striking your opponent with some technique in which you have to use your legs or your hands. It’s not surprising they need to check in constantly for physical therapy.

So when you use them the most, the chances of getting injuries related to those parts increases. That is why MMA fighters get the most injuries in their Knee, Shoulders, and Elbow.

For preventing themselves from such injuries of Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow is to know about your opponent’s game, know about their techniques and then put forward your required reaction toward their method.

Such injuries mostly take place when your body part gets
strikes to your opponent’s body part suddenly.

Hand and Feet

The third in the list of most faced injuries in this combat sport MMA is the injury of Hand and Feet. Such damages mostly occur when the opponent hit the body part of yours to make you fell.

Such injuries take place when you are playing your turn, and the opponent comes to know about your technique and for preventing himself, he blocks your technique, such injuries of hand and feel takes place at that time too.

For preventing yourself from such injuries, you should never let your opponent come to know which technique you are going to use in the next step

If they came to know about your technique then they are surely going to block your technique with any method and you will face such injuries. Confuse your opponent with different techniques.


Cuts usually take place when the opponent’s body part strikes hard on the other opposite person. At that time, because of a sudden shock and sudden striking cuts takes place.

They can be prevented in some cases when we are fighting with full awareness. Because with full knowledge, one is never going to get strikes by their opponent or you will be able to block your opponent’s attack.


It means when you get thumped on your head by your opponent at that time you get entirely shocked and are unable to see or understand what is happening around you. That is known as Concussion.

One can prevent themselves from concussions by managing to keep their head aside, and playing the game with full consciousness.

These are some of the most critical and most faced injuries that are suffered by the fighters of this combat sport MMA.

If I talk about the overall solution or conclusion, that what should one do to keep themselves away from such problems is to play their game with full consciousness and awareness.

One should always be knowing about their opponent’s techniques, these things look so small or sound a bit easy, but they are not at all easy.

Being fully aware during the whole match is not just a cup of tea for everyone. Being mindful, blocking strikes, keeping body parts away from attacks it is not just that easy, that we think. That is why MMA is called the most dangerous combat sport.

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