Different PPC Advertising Strategies and Benefits

PPC, commonly known as Pay Per Click advertising is one of the elements of digital marketing strategies.
As the name suggests, you pay for your advertisement whenever it’s clicked.  There are different PPC advertising strategies and benefits available which small business to the mid-size business owner can optimize to generate revenue.

Why is PPC right for your business?

As per the survey, “PPC success rate has increased in 2018 by 84%” which means that many organizations are now going to this paid search medium to market their business.

Competition to be in the first place of Google SERPs is getting trickier and, as a result, harder day by day. It’s not easy to organically rank on the search result if you don’t have a well-structured plan setup and are looking for the quick outcome. For organizations that are frantically searching for quick results, fast traffic, budget control, good click-through rates and ROI, paid search is your best option.

But, PPC like SEO, require the proper strategy of execution to get the best and desired result.  You don’t want to rush it. Well-planned thought PPC campaign goals should be designed before getting started with this.

Pay per click is not easy. Many business owners make mistakes and don’t give much importance to PPC campaigns. The Pay per click services provider you are planning to use should have in-depth knowledge of your target goals and make sure your hard-earned money is used for the right strategy.

First and foremost is that to have your landing page optimized for conversions.

That being said, PPC can profit any business of any sort and whenever to enrich them in creating new leads, large traffic, online visibility and more only. To gain the most of PPC advertising, read on as my present post is center on the actionable pay-per-click strategies and benefits.

Different PPC Advertising Strategies

  • Google AdWords

The most well-known of all PPC choices. Google AdWords has experienced several changes in the course of recent months, which has made this mode of PPC more attractive for small business owners. Google AdWords is one of the best-paid search options that enable you to run a promotion on private sites, in the search results, or both.

  • ExPended Text Ads Feature

Extended text ads feature was launched back in 2016. It allows you to add more words to your paid advertisement.  But you should be careful as you don’t want to go this new update to waste by adding text that is not relevant to what your advertisement is intended for.

28% CTR gain from expanded text ads

Remember, headline #1 is more important than the second headline. But, while creating ads make sure it is available to all devices and include appropriate and relevant keywords.

  • Mobile Advertising

Google AdWords additionally offers a 27.7% CTR for the principal position for the mobile search advertisements on Google.

Every other person uses mobile phones nowadays and Google gives importance to mobile optimization. Its importance has extended to the mobile advertisement as well.  With the ascent of cell phones and cell phones, media-based promotions are picking up footing.

More than 90% of the world’s Internet users go online via a mobile device

You want to Step up your advertising campaign by using this method correctly, the can boost your traffic and increase your sales manifolds.

  • Voice Search

Google has brought another huge trend in PPC. Voice searching is gaining popularity. The use of this function is not limited to a few words rather it allows the use of more than 10 words for searching. Voice search has more advantage for relevant searches. This lets Google give relevant search result.

Is voice optimization effective for my pay per click campaign?

Most definitely Yes!

Anything which makes the end user get to your business is the most effective. You will have to have a well-thought strategy for this like other Paid search techniques.  You can advantage of its PPC component y by bidding on the most relevant keywords with local keywords. Optimize your ads with the “near me” terms and drive traffic to your website on local search.

  • Google Display Ads

There are two types of Google AdWords, Search Network, and Display Network.

Google display network let your business reach your target audience by tailoring the right advertisement for the people and at the right time.

Through this, your ads will be visible to people who are simply browsing the network like reading online and whatever website they are on. Similarly, display ads to people who have searched for relevant services or products. This targeted ads display option is responsible for more leads and sales for your business. Display ads are advertisements which you see on a website.

This is the fastest growing marketing technique that results in increased CTR. Display marketing like remarketing. More importantly, it provides branding opportunities for business.

You can create and display ads in different formats like images, responsive ads, and engagement ads which permit you to run an image or a video on YouTube and over various different Google Display networks.

  • Social Media PPC Advertising

It is quite similar to search advertising. In Social PPC, you create engaging ads for r social site like Facebook. Similar to how PPC works, you have more advantage of using this.

  • You can advertise you add on social platforms
  • It allows you to target audience based on demographics; location, city, country or zip code
  • You can limit your target audience to a certain age group of people
  • Gender-specific
  • Good for brand awareness
  • Increased return on investment

I will end this piece with that all of these paid search options are valuable to all sizes of business. Business owners who want the swift result of the amount of money they’re investing, PPC is for you.
You can mix and match different digital marketing strategies. It will result in more traffic, sales and long-term result.  Take your time to test your ads, see which is more fruitful and bring in more ROI.

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