Preparing for a walk-in interview

You should always prepare well for walk-in interview. Most companies are advertising the job vacancies they have online and offline. Job applicants have to send their resumes. And the company will shortlist some of the applicants based on their resumes, and call them for an interview. This is a time-consuming process and only a few of those who apply for the job are called for the interview. Hence individuals who want a job urgently should search for the walk-in interviews which are being advertised. Anyone who has relevant qualifications and experience can attend the walk-in interview in Singapore and get a job quickly. Information to help individuals get a job quickly is provided.

Company perspective

While companies plan their requirement for employees based on order booking, sales, market conditions, and other factors. They often find that they are facing a manpower shortage due to factors beyond their control. For example, some employees will leave the company to join competitors offering higher salaries. This may adversely affect the functioning of the business, reducing sales, orders. Hence the company wishes to recruit replacement employees quickly. To reduce the time taken to recruit suitable new employees, the company will hold a walk-in interview. Where any job applicant with relevant skills, the experience can walk in to attend the interview. The business will usually shortlist a few of the job applicants and may call them for further interviews before hiring them.

Finding suitable jobs

The number of walk-in interview is usually far less than conventional interviews. So job seekers should search online job sites as well as newspapers for suitable vacancies. Most of the persons searching for a job will find that they have the relevant experience for only a few of the jobs which are being advertised. They also have to consider the location where the interview is being held and the date when it is being scheduled. If the job seeker is already having a job or is doing freelance work, he may not have enough time or leaves to attend the interview. In this case, he should only consider interviews where he has a good chance of getting the job. It is advisable to attend interviews held in the vicinity of the home or office to save time and money.

Preparing for the walk-in interview

It is advisable to do some research on the company which is recruiting employees. The job seeker should carry one or more printed copies of his or her resume. It is important to create a positive first impression on the interviewers to increase the possibility of being hired. The person who is being interviewed is usually asked for some information about himself at the beginning of the interview. This job seeker should prepare his answer to this question considering his experience, skills. In the case of freshers, who do not have much work experience, they should focus on their qualifications, academic record, and internship if any. They should avoid providing personal information which is not relevant. Other questions being asked are strengths and weaknesses, plans for the future, and the job seeker should also think of suitable answers.

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