How to Choose private secondary school Geneva

Choosing the right Private Secondary School Geneva for your child is a journey filled with exploration, discovery, and ultimately, decision-making. It can seem overwhelming, especially given the rich variety of high-quality schools in the city. Let’s demystify the process and walk through this together, step by step.

Understanding the Importance of Secondary Education

Remember, secondary education is a pivotal stage in your child’s academic life. This phase goes beyond just learning facts and figures; it’s about developing critical thinking skills, igniting a lifelong passion for learning, and building a strong foundation for future academic and career paths.

Knowing What You’re Looking for in a School

Before you embark on this voyage of school selection, take a moment to reflect. What does the ideal school look like for your child?


Consider the curriculum – are you leaning towards an international syllabus like the International Baccalaureate (IB) or a local Swiss curriculum? The choice can have significant implications, particularly if your family might relocate or if your child aspires to attend university abroad.

School Culture

Next, think about the school culture. A positive, inclusive environment can make all the difference in your child’s happiness and success at school. Does the school prioritize a nurturing atmosphere where students feel valued and supported?

Extra-Curricular Activities

Don’t forget to consider extra-curricular activities. Whether your child is a budding artist, a soccer enthusiast, or an aspiring scientist, opportunities for personal growth outside the classroom can significantly enhance their school experience.

Researching Private Secondary Schools in Geneva

Now that you’ve outlined your criteria, it’s time to dive into research.

Visiting School Websites

Start your search online. A school’s website is like a virtual front door. Look for information about their curriculum, mission statement, and the range of activities they offer.

Attending Open Houses

If possible, visit schools in person. Open houses offer a fantastic opportunity to get a feel for the school environment, meet teachers, and interact with students.

Considering the Cost

Private education is an investment, and it’s crucial to understand the financial implications. Remember, tuition fees are just one part of the equation. Don’t forget to factor in extras like uniforms, school trips, and after-school activities.

Looking at the School’s Reputation

Reputation matters, but remember, it’s not just about league tables and academic results.

Academic Performance

Of course, a school’s track record in examinations can be a good indicator of its academic rigor. However, don’t be swayed by results alone.

Student Success Stories

Also, look for success stories beyond academics – in sports, arts, community service, and other areas. These can demonstrate a school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Asking the Right Questions

When you’re visiting schools or speaking with administrators, don’t be shy about asking questions. You might want to ask about teacher-student ratios, pastoral care, or how the school handles bullying.

Making the Final Decision

Making the final decision might feel daunting. Take your time, and remember, the goal is to find a school where your child will be happy, challenged, and nurtured.


Choosing a private secondary school in Geneva is a significant decision, but with careful thought and thorough research, you can find the perfect fit for your child. Trust your instincts – you know your child better than anyone else.

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