Tips and Tricks to Score 700+ in the NEET 2020

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is one of the challenging and toughest competitive Medical Entrance Exam in India that offers admissions to MBBS, AYUSH, BDS, and other medical courses. Every year lakhs of aspirants register and write NEET in the hope of entering into a prestigious medical college. 

The million-dollar question is how to score 700+ in the NEET 2020? Clearing the competitive NEET 2020 examination needs immense hard work, consistency, dedication, and focus on subjects. Below suggested ideal tips and tricks regarding NEET might help you to crack NEET 2020, and help to get a seat in the topmost medical institutions of the country. 

How to Score 700+ in the NEET 2020


Every day remind yourself about your goals and try to dedicate time and set priorities accordingly. You should put your heart and soul on studies and should not compromise your time with any entertainment factors like social networks, watching tv, etc. Focus on your study plan and finish learning your topics and subjects planned for that day.

Schedule a study plan

Make a proper study time table covering all the complete topics on the NEET syllabus and allocate proper time to revision. Practice previous years’ question papers on the same day to recall and get a grip on what you studied. Don’t neglect any chapters that you hate. Those chapters will remain as your weakness and also affect learning the other chapters. Give more time and focus on tough and long topics, revise them daily.

Take Online Mock Tests

Online Mock tests are a way to test your capacity yourself. After completing your lessons every day taking a mock test online will help you check yourself if you have memorized all the concepts. It builds your confidence and makes you work harder in case your scores are not satisfactory. A big advantage of taking these online NEET mock tests is that you can attempt to try them as many times as you want. There are no limits to trying to write these exams. You will begin to keep up with your time, answer properly and finish the live tests with satisfaction if at all you have practiced repeatedly with the online available mock-tests. 

Smart work

You should put your 100% hard work to achieve good marks. Along with hard work, you need to add in smart work like maintaining colorful notes, making flow charts, diagrams that will help you in picturizing chapters in your memory. Try to figure out the ways to memorize the topics, either by practicing more questions or by highlighting important points. Practice difficult questions to gain the confidence to face the competitive exam.

Where to study

While studying, don’t lie on the bed. Find a quiet and zero distraction place where you get fresh air and a peaceful mind to give 100% attention to your preparation. Interact with students who cracked the previous NEET and get to know their ways of approach to the exam. Join reputed NEET coaching institutes that conduct tests on a number of model questions patterns and help in lowering the anxiety level.

Practice to understand

Previous year’s questions papers give you an idea and in-depth knowledge of query format and mark distribution pattern. This will help you to familiarise with the type of questions and minimize the examination fear.  By solving questions, you can learn the concepts that you are unable to answer. For numerical papers, brush up the steps to solve the sum; learn from your mistakes to get perfect calculations.

Eat healthily

You have to give equal importance to your health. Eat a lot of nutritious and fiber content foods to be energetic to concentrate on studying. Don’t skip meals or compromise your health to finish your time table for the day. Avoid junk and other non-healthy foods; eat homemade food and fruits to keep you brisk throughout the day.

Personal hygiene

Maintain personal hygiene to avoid falling sick often. Drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated while studying your chapters. Sleep on time and wake early in the morning to revise your previous day’s lessons before starting the day topics.

Be regular at your studies and learn topics with crystal-clear understanding, practice model questions daily, and revise the frequently asked important concepts. Have faith in yourself, don’t panic or get distracted at any instant and face the NEET entrance with calm composure and undivided confidence.

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