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Search Engine and User Friendly Shopify Theme Development

Who does not want their website to look beautiful? Just as you enjoy the look of beautifully presented food before eating it, similar is the case with a website. You first of all have a look at the website from the eye of a normal person and then start to use it. If you find it attractive enough to stay, you will keep on navigating or else you will leave the page in an instant. This is the magic of the theme.

When you plan to make your Shopify based website or store, you will specially have to focus on using a theme that is extremely user friendly and helps your site to appear in the search results. Well in this case, Shopify has got you covered!

Shopify Pro is your one stop shop solution that will help you to create a remarkable site with the guarantee of appearing in the search results hence focusing on SEO.

What to look for in a Shopify Theme?

It is very important to closely analyze the Shopify theme that you are going to use or develop for your website. There are certain things that will help you to characterize your Shopify theme as SEO and user friendly. They are:

Friendly mobile using interface

We know it very well that nowadays people tend to use mobile phones to access different websites and search for their desired products. The reason behind this is that people hold mobile everytime. Therefore the website should have a mobile friendly and easy to use interface theme to attract more people to it. Let us not forget that search engines also focus on this feature while ranking your websites.

Loading speed

If you want your site to be ranked on the 1st page of  search engines, make sure it loads quickly. Slow page loading is the major reason why people leave websites within 2 minutes of using it. Therefore you should choose or create such a Shopify theme that loads quickly and does not make website’s user wait

Customization of Metadata & products

This is a very important feature that will surely help your website and your store to get ranked. Make sure that you get a few things customized like open graph tags, title, Meta description etc.

Pages on which the products are displayed should be unique as well as easy to navigate and understand. You will have to understand that only customization can help you if you want a touch of uniqueness in your page. Try to test using different types of layouts to check on which the products suit better. You will also have to check whether the product schema is valid or not

Links to social media platforms

Your theme should have links to social media platforms because nowadays people are flocking towards their usage. This will help to generate traffic on your website and also will help your site to get ranked

Addition of sitemaps

All Shopify based themes have a built-in capability to generate the sitemap.

Protip: when your website crosses 5000 URLs, shopify will automatically generate a sitemap.this  will avoid your site to cross the limit of 50,000 URLs.

Language support

It is very important for your Shopify theme to have Language and translation option because you do not know what language your target audience speaks. For this, hreflang tag is used. It will help search engines like Google to show correct language based pages and wil; also give you the option to alter the language according to your location.

This will be more beneficial when you are making international sales as it would help in engaging the customers.

Image customization

Make sure that the theme that you opt or create, allows you to resize the images by compressing them and converting them for optimum display according to the standards.

Some SEO and user Friendly themes

Now when we know all the necessary characteristics that a theme should have in order to be SEO and user friendly, it is high time that we have a look at some of the themes that have in them all of them. In this regard, we have compiled for you a cumulative list of some of the competent and worth mentioning Shopify themes which includes:

Palo Alto

This is one of the best themes that are being used for Shopify stores or websites because it has all in it that is required to represent a business in a modern way. This theme consists of all the necessary things that are required in order to enhance the site’s ranking by declaring itself as user friendly. 

Palo Alto has the option to deal with large and oversized images. It will be easy for the customers to look closely at all the details of a particular product as the image quality is very high and the picture is with clean pixels. It also allows customers to share their reviews and comments about a particular product. It is very easy to navigate and go through the theme as it has multi-level drop down menu options. 


This Shopify theme comes with 4 major styles which are:

  • Clean
  • Mono
  • Reclaimed
  • Black

This theme is mostly preferred because it has the product filtering option in it. It allows the customer to search according to his own requirement for example color and size of the product which makes it extremely user friendly. It also  has an option of a gallery for the display of the products with  all the necessary details that are worth mentioning. It has a multi column navigation menu which makes it easy for the customers to look for the product from their desired category.


This theme is best in case you wish to do promotions of your products as it has the option of displaying the popups with intriguing messages and reminders. It also includes the option of displaying a banner of sale which is best in order to grasp the attention of visitors. It also has the option of letting the picture be zoomed upon viewing. This theme is mobile friendly as well as the maker has kept in mind that mostly people prefer to view any product or website by using their mobile phones rather than computer systems.

Still need help?Do not worry at all. If you wish to  build such a site that has all the above stated qualities in it, you should choose Shopify Pro without a doubt. This agency keeps its word of mouth and makes sure that your website fulfils all the necessary requirements important for ranking it on the 1st page of search engines.

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