Stop Procrastinating And Practice These Spider Solitaire Strategies

Spider Solitaire is a prevalent and much-loved variant of the classic Solitaire card game. Since Microsoft launched it as a part of their Windows OS, the game has received many accolades and appreciation. 

The rules are straightforward. Arrange the cards in ascending order from Ace through to the King card. When the sequence is complete, remove and transfer it to the foundation pile. The game is won when you successfully move all the sets to the foundation pile. 

While this is the general rule, there are some twists in the online variant. For instance, the match sessions are not never-ending. Each session lasts for about five minutes, and players must score the maximum before the timer runs out. What’s more, you ask? In the online world, the game is not played solo. You get to compete with online opponents of varying skills and expertise. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, you can indulge in 24 7 Spider Solitaire no matter where you are. Engage in 1V1 intense battles to prove your mettle or participate in 1VN tournaments to win cash prizes. 

Is this making you nervous? The challenging aspects of the game are fascinating, and the only way to overcome your fears is by knowing a few strategies and learning the rules. These tactics will give you an upper hand and enable you to beat your opponents without much effort. So, let’s go. 

Never, Ever Waste A Move

The moves executed during the game make a world of difference, and they can end your game or help you become triumphant. The game’s outcome is decided in the order in which you choose to execute the moves. 

During your game, you might come across a situation where you can use a card to turn it into a column. It might be possible to achieve this in only two moves. However, you have discovered that if you move the cards in a different order and take four moves, you might be able to flip a hidden card and also turn the card into another column. So, what will you decide? 

You need to carefully study all the pros and cons of your move before going ahead. Ensure to think about the future consequences of your moves and how it impacts your game. 

Keep Flipping Cards To Reveal More Hidden Moves

The only way to remain in the game longer is to try to reveal more cards to have more potential moves. So, you need to flip as many cards as you can to increase your chances of winning. 

Flipping cards will allow you to explore a wide variety of moves that you can perform. It will give you a competitive edge over your competitors as you can study each move and carefully execute them to your advantage. 

Empty Piles Are A Must In This Game

If there are tableaus with fewer cards, focus on emptying the piles by moving those cards. It would be best if you had a vacant column to use as a temporary storage place where you can place the cards while arranging the deck. You can transfer cards to the empty pile to turn over more cards. While you are using these empty piles, you can think of finding out the cards you are missing to form relevant sequences. Then, you can use those cards to finish sets during your next moves quickly. 

Don’t Miss Out On Utilizing An Empty Column To The Fullest

To reiterate, the importance of an empty column cannot be underplayed. Empty piles play a crucial role in making or breaking your game. When you see a vacant column, you can use it as a place to temporarily keep your cards when you are transferring the cards from one pile to the next. 

You must always stay alert and use the empty piles while arranging the cards. Study the game board and make moves when it is necessary.

Drop A Column Early If It Helps Your Game

The strategic importance of the vacant columns is now known to you. When arranged in the order of King to Ace, the cards will be removed from play and shifted to the foundation pile. So, an empty column will take the place of the column from where you’ve removed the cards. 

The point is to drop a column early to have a vacant pile early on during the game. It will give you the flexibility to create natural builds, and you can quickly win the game. 

The Undo Button Is Your Hidden Tactic

The concurrent development of strategies is the only way to play and win Spider Solitaire. You have to keep evolving and changing your stance as the game progresses. What would have been a brilliant choice two moves ago might not seem like a good choice after playing those two moves. Also, what do you do when faced with multiple moves? Which one do you choose? 

It is normal to feel flustered under such circumstances, especially when a timer ticks away. You need to remain calm and execute a move. If you don’t think the move benefits you as much as you had thought, you can click the undo button and go back one step. Then, you can execute a different move. 

The Bottom Line

The game of Spider Solitaire is about mastering the right strategies and evolving with them. You have to play several practice games to become a pro, and don’t forget to observe your opponents.

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