Why You Can’t See Any Progress with Your Belly Fat

Seeing a big belly in a mirror upsets everyone, both men and women. It is considered the hardest area to lose fat in. This goal requires lots of devotion, self-control, and perseverance. You won’t lose your belly fat without a proper diet, properly balanced program of workouts and daily schedule that leaves you enough time to sleep.

If you get enough sleep, have a well-managed daily schedule, do sports and eat healthy food, your belly will soon become at least a little bit smaller. What if this doesn’t happen no matter how hard you try? Let’s try to find where is the weak link in your lifestyle that doesn’t let your belly fat go away.


The aging processes that launch in a human body after a certain age, slow down its metabolism. In women, menopause makes the situation worse. After the age of 40-50, you need to be very careful about what you eat to stay in good shape. For women in menopause, it’s recommended to visit a fibroid specialist because the growth of the belly can be induced by the development of tumors.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

An overly sensitive bowel is quite a widespread problem. It often causes bloating that affects the size of your belly. To avoid this, try not to eat food that is likely to cause bloating and eat fewer cereals. Always chew your food properly and never hurry to finish your meals. Include probiotics into your daily menu.

Celiac disease

Celiac disease is the intolerance of gluten – a protein contained in some sorts of grains. If you have abnormal bowel movements, often feel depressed and tired without a cause and suffer from bloating, a gluten-free diet is worth trying.

Wrong workout system

Everybody knows that you have to combine cardio with power exercises to achieve success. But you should be careful with the proper balance of the two. Cardio is what burns your fat, power exercises give you muscles that also burn fat. 250 minutes of medium intensity and 125 minutes of high intensity a week is the ideal balance for losing fat.

Only exercising and no diet

You can work hard in the gym but if you think it’s enough to have a nice shape with a flat belly, it’s a mistake. A diet with minimum fats, lots of proteins and a measurable amount of slow carbs, is crucial for losing belly fat. Moreover – if you work hard on your muscles but aren’t responsible about what you eat, your belly will grow even bigger. There will be muscles under the layer of fat that stays untouched.


If your life is full of stress that constantly brings you down, no wonder you can’t lose weight and belly fat. Stress launches the active production of cortisol – a hormone that boosts your appetite and makes you indulge yourself with comfort food. Even skinny people can have a “stress belly” – a deposit of fat in the lower stomach. Find ways to relax and add some pleasant emotions into your life.

As you can see, losing belly fat isn’t easy. It requires a comprehensive approach to almost all the spheres of your life. But it’s possible. Motivate yourself with examples of people who did it and don’t be too hard on yourself when sometimes you cheat. The next day is the way to go ahead to the belly of your dreams.

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