Health Benefits Of Chocolates To Crave For More

Chocolate is the ultimate delight for almost all of us. We all know chocolates are strongly related to weight gain and acne problems. Still, our sweet tooth never lets us give up on the wild chocolate fantasies. But, did you know, chocolates are not all bad. We still have the hopes to count on chocolates. Other than being a romanticizer, consoler, and mood lifter, there are many health benefits of chocolates as well.

We all encounter the irresistible chocolate cravings every now and then. And once we consume them, the guilt got us. But luckily, there is no reason to be guilty about eating chocolates anymore. Chocolates are healthy in their own ways. This doesn’t mean you are allowed to go off the limits of eating them. But a little bit of chocolates every day is sure a healthy thing.

Realizing the chocolate health benefits, we have decided to not keep this happy news to us. Instead, let all our readers, especially the chocolate freaks, know the benefits of chocolate.

Not all the chocolates are healthy

Let us clear it first, not all the chocolates are healthy, especially the junk chocolates. Do not start eating junk chocolates just because you read somewhere on the internet that chocolates are healthy. Rather they are the main reason why we gain those extra fats. However, the chocolates with 70% or more Cocoa are sure a healthy treat for our body.

Dark chocolates are good chocolates


According to the researchers, dark chocolates are packed with the dozens of health benefits. You might already know that chocolates are the natural mood lifters (the happiness indulgers) as they release serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Chocolates are also the source of polyphenol antioxidants, just like Coffee. But, fortunately, and delightfully, chocolates have other health benefits as well. Read along to learn about all the dark chocolate health benefits!!

Health benefits of chocolates

Healthy Heart

“When looking for a sweet snack, a square of dark chocolate might, in fact, be your healthiest choice!”

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, Cardiologist

A research published in BMJ explains that the right consumption of the dark chocolate is extremely good for our heart health. Flavonoids found in dark chocolates are super healthy for our heart health. They aid in the blood circulation in the arteries and veins. According to a study, dark chocolate benefits the heart in a greater way and reduces the chances of heart attack by 37%.

Conforming to all the studies, and research made, it is quite safe to say now, unlike the misconceptions in the past, chocolates are your heart’s friends.

Improved Memory

The other health benefit of dark chocolate is the improved and sharp memory. A research has shown that dark chocolate improves the memory in the older people. The more the dark chocolate consumption, the better the memory. Also, Lovado is a cocoa extract that is quite beneficial for the treatment of Dementia and Alzheimer.

The good impacts of chocolate on memory doesn’t end here. Another great benefit of chocolate is that it boosts and regulates the better flow in the brain, thus, makes you a brighter student as well.

Concluded, chocolates with the right amount of cocoa is good for people of all the ages. It treats weak memory problems in elders and sharpens the mind of the youngers.

Prevents Cancer

The flavonoids present in the dark chocolate is both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, that makes it one of the best combatant against cancer. Most probably one of the best reason to start consuming your all-time favorite dark chocolate a little more and a lotter often.

Lower Cholesterol Level

According to a study, dark chocolates are a great nutrition that may help your body in keeping the cholesterol level normal. The sterols and flavanols found in the dark chocolate help in lowering the cholesterol level. The proper consumption of dark chocolate decreases the LDL cholesterol by 6% and increases HDL cholesterol by 9%.

Restrain Diabetes Occurrence

Despite the common myths, instead of making you a sugar patient, the dark chocolate actually helps in fighting diabetes. A study has found that cocoa when taken in the right amount control the insulin level and prevents our body from getting diabetic. It increases the body metabolism and boosts the insulin function in our body.

Disclaimer: Your health is your first priority. Do not rely on everything you read on the internet. If you are a diabetic patient, consult your doctor to prescribe you the right dose of cocoa intake.

Aid Blood Pressure

Dark chocolates are also helpful in controlling and lowering the blood pressure. The dark chocolate produces Nitric Oxide which is responsible for lowering the blood pressure. Another significance of the dark chocolate in your healthy diet plan.

Reduce The Stroke Risk

As mentioned earlier, dark chocolates contain flavonoids that make the arteries and the veins flexible, thus, better blood circulation. Hence, lesser the chances of getting strokes. A study conducted in Canada suggested that people who consume dark chocolate in the right amount are 22% less likely to have a stroke. Additionally, the patients who had the stroke and consumed the dark chocolates lessens the chances of dying from it by 46%.

Good Skin

Besides being healthy, dark chocolates are great when it comes to beauty as well. Another great fact about dark chocolate is that it keeps your skin healthy by regulating the blood flow. The flavonol present in the chocolates helps to reduce the sunburn occurrence by 25%. Moreover, the dark chocolate also improves your skin thickness and hydration, thus, makes it look beautiful and healthier.

Cough Fighter

Chocolate is great when it comes to treating the cough. If you are suffering from a cough that won’t go away on its own or is annoying to deal with, grab some chocolate. Chocolates are getting popular among the pharmacists for this fact and they are trying to use them in cough syrups as well.

No More Fatigue

If you have a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chocolates might help you. According to a study, a group of people suffering from fatigue was given dark chocolate for 2 months and the result was pleasantly surprising. They felt less tired and they were known to pick better mood instead of weight.

The best chocolates to buy now

Not all the chocolates available are healthy. To help you out in picking the right chocolate that is both healthy and tasty we have the list. All the chocolates added to our list contains the correct amount of cocoa required to make the chocolate a healthy delight instead of junk.

  1. Pascha
  2. Sweetriot
  3. Alter Eco
  4. Ghirardelli
  5. Godiva
  6. Lindt
  7. Green & Black
  8. Valrhona
  9. Amano
  10. Moser Roth
  11. Endangered Species
  12. Chocolove
  13. Vivani
  14. Theo
  15. Scharffen Berger

What do you learn,

Chocolates are not your enemy but friends when taken with the right amount of cocoa. Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, we all know chocolates have an instant and positive effect on our mood. The biggest reason why they are popular for stealing hearts. In addition to this, they serve as a great nutrient for the athletes and the fitness enthusiasts. Taking the right amount of chocolate as a post-workout nutrition is really beneficial. They help in cheering up the mood, relieve the stress, enhance the romantic emotions, and getting the great source of delight. So you better stop worrying about the weight gain and grab a piece of chocolate right now, but hey, don’t exceed the limits.

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