Top 6 US Business Listings Websites in 2022

If your organization or company isn’t using online listings, whether paid or free, you’re missing out on millions of dollars in income and profits. 

Especially in a place like the United States, where everything is instantaneous and accessible online. You’re probably already utilizing some of these high-domain-authority review business listing sites, but you’ll need to figure out which one is best for your type of business.

There are many free and paid business listings websites in the US and we will review some of them in this article. Read on to know some tips to navigate best business listing sites on search engines. Let’s get started!

Best Six US Business Listings Websites in 2022

Business listings aid in the ranking of a website or business in a local search engine. So, read the entire post and begin submitting your business or website information to the list of six best US business listing sites to improve your ranking and product sales in the United States.

Are you looking for business listing sites in the United States? If you answered yes, you’ve arrived at the perfect place to find the best US business listing directory sites and local citation sites for 2022. 

Here are some high DA business listing sites to help you improve your business or website’s local and global search engine rankings.

  1. Yahoo Local Listing

Yahoo Local Listing is a terrific free service that displays your local business’s address, phone number, and URL, as well as giving you the option of choosing from up to five different business categories.

Additional information, such as working hours, email address, payment options, and years in business, can be added to the basic free listing, and a link to your website will be provided. You’ll need a Yahoo ID to sign up, which you may get or create.

  1. QRG101

QRG101 is a well-known online business directory where you may locate a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Your QRG101 business profile includes a bio, a list of items and services you provide, a photo gallery, a map of your location, and contact information. You may acquire genuine feedback and improve your company’s reputation. 

The listing and honest reviews, on the other hand, assist buyers in becoming aware of the best solutions that they may not have been aware of before and selecting the best one among them. List your business for free at QRG101!

  1. Manta

Manta, a competitor to Yelp, is geared at small businesses. This free business listing site delivers news, advice, educational materials, and advertising tools to small business owners. Manta also offers marketing services for a fee.

  1. Topspot 101

Topspot 101 is a large free business directory that serves both businesses and consumers in the United States. Adding your business to our directory is a certain way to increase your company’s internet visibility and growth.

It will assist you generate leads while also increasing your web presence and brand awareness. It also makes it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you. It also allows customers to write reviews about your company. 

  1. LinkedIn

By building a LinkedIn company page or business listing, you may increase brand exposure and quality engagement with professional audiences. In addition, LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform with a large amount of targeted traffic for any type of business.

  1. Foursquare

Foursquare is frequently ignored, yet it is an excellent tool for local business owners trying to attract new clients. 

Specifically for businesses in the United States, Foursquare is the finest place to find a large number of customers. As a result, you should claim your listing in order to add your company to this top-level citations site.

Mistake To Avoid When Listing Your Business on A US Business Directory

Business listing is a simple process, but if you make a mistake or submit spam, you will be banned from business listing sites. As a result, we have included several critical errors to avoid while establishing a company listing below.

  • Only submit your business or website to high-authority USA business directory sites.
  • Use your company’s original address (do not use a bogus address).
  • Provide a logo for your company (do not use a logo from Google or elsewhere).
  • Use the phone number that appears on your company’s website.
  • Give a distinctive description of your company (do not use the same description twice).

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