5 Discrete Categories of Video Animations

Video animation has brought so much ease and comfort for many diverse industries to increase their revenue in the most attractive way. It has been confirmed from various research that animation has been proved as the most effective way to gather the attention of the target audience and create awareness without any difficulty. Every video animation production company hires the best and professional video animators to create diverse animated videos according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

Five Distinct Types of Video Animations

Categories of Video Animations

There are so many diverse categories of the video animations that are used for different purposes and various place to serve it right objective. Every type of animated videos has their own significance that cannot be denied that easily. Some of these amazing classifications of animated videos include,

  1. 2D Video Animations
  2. 3D Video Animations
  3. Whiteboard Animated Videos
  4. Explainer Videos
  5. Motion Graphics Animated Videos

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  1. 2D Video Animations

The most common and basic category of the animated videos is the 2D video animation, which is there since the beginning of the animation technology and is still used in different industries for multiple purposes and in different forms.

The word has been spreading around for a while now that 2D animated videos are a dying form of the animations, and in the upcoming years and days we will not be seeing any of the 2D animation work in front of our screens. Up till now, this information has been considered as nothing but a myth, as we are still able to point 2D animations around us in many ways.

  1. 3D Video Animations

3D animated videos are considered as the biggest competition for 2D animated videos, as 3D animations are more attractive and eye-catching as compared to the flat and two-dimensional images of the 2D video animations. With the help of the three-dimensional space, video animators can easily add depth to the characters and objects to give them a realistic look, which is the major aspect of catching the audience’s attention. The objects and characters in the 3D animated videos look so like-like that it captivates the people’s consideration, causing the company or any industry to deliver their message or information with ease, and also attain optimum results out of it.

  1. Whiteboard Animated Videos

Whiteboard video animations are the most unique and enthralling way to create awareness to the public in an easy way. Although the creation of the whiteboard video animation seems simply but it has more effect on the human brain. The features of the whiteboard animated videos are very modest and easy to apprehend, as not too many colors are used in the video since animator has to stick to the limitations in order to keep the whiteboard video animation traditional.

The standard and most essential components that are needed to be there in a typical whiteboard animation are a white backgrounds, black drawings, and a drawing hand to give a feel of the right kind of whiteboard animation.

Industries use whiteboard video animations for many distinct purposes, which could either be for delivering any kind of knowledge or lecture, or it could be for the promotional or advertisement purposes.

  1. Motion Graphics Animated Videos

The use of the animated motion graphics videos is popular on different websites these days. The concept is sometimes very confusing for some people to apprehend as they can detect the motion but also some still graphics can be spotted in the videos. The technique is simply marvelous to create the motion graphics video, as all the animation is being performed by the characters whereas, the background and other objects are intact at their places. So, when the character makes any movement the graphical image of that specific character can be observed easily whereas the rest of the scene stay still at their places.

One of the amazing types of the motion graphics video that is in vogue these days is the 360 degrees motion graphics, as the scene or the frame of the video moves along with the cursor of the user. If someone is using the phone, then with the right, left, up and down movement the frames of video kept moving whereas other characters are doing activities as they were designed.

  1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the superior way to demonstrate anything to the audience with utmost clarity and precision. The major use of the explainer videos is observed in the professional companies to explain different strategies, statistic reports, and marketing techniques to their clients, sponsors, or any other audience. Not only explainer videos can be spotted in the business meetings, but also it is widely popular with the students who want to deliver their presentation in the most effective way and want to be sure that their information is clearly discussed with their listeners.

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