Some of Your Habits May Damage Your Enamel

Strong white teeth are not given to everyone by nature. You should know which things can destroy your tooth enamel and how to maintain healthy teeth for years to come. Let’s talk about the things that actively spoil your teeth every day and you may not even be aware of it.

Night Feeding

For some reason, people believe that milk teeth do not require special care, that they will eventually fall out anyway and beautiful and healthy molars will grow in their place. This misconception is dangerous and deceptive. The fact is that the state of milk teeth can significantly affect the quality of molar teeth to come.

Therefore, the care of teeth should be started already when these baby teeth just start to appear. It is especially harmful to children’s teeth to fall asleep with a bottle of juice, milk or milk mixture in the mouth. Undoubtedly, the child will fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully, however, soaking the teeth in a liquid containing some sugar will not lead to anything good.

Tongue Piercing

One of the most fashionable types of piercing is tongue piercing. First, it looks stylish. Secondly, if you don’t want, no one will ever know about it. However, a puncture of the tongue can also cause a lot of troubles for your teeth. The fact is that the constant friction of a metal earring against the gums can lead to tooth loss. Piercings also increase the risk of infection in the oral cavity. In addition, a metal earring can make problems when eating.

Teeth Grinding

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, you probably already know that this harms them. Sometimes it is absolutely impossible to control this process because many of us grind our teeth during sleep without even realizing it. You might be surprised, but to solve this problem, mankind has invented a special mouthguard, which can be worn when sleeping. Also, reducing the load on the teeth during the day and avoiding hard foods will help reduce the harm done to them.

Cough Drops

Remember, as long as you treat your throat with a pleasant menthol or fruity drops, you damage your teeth. Cough drops, as a rule, contain sugar, which in turn destroys tooth enamel. After you have treated your throat this way, do not forget to rinse your teeth thoroughly, this will help you avoid unpleasant consequences and will help keep your smile.


Everyone knows that sweet soda drinks destroy tooth enamel, but not everyone knows that even sugar-free carbonated water successfully spoils teeth. The fact is that any soda contains some carbon dioxide, which in itself is not harmful, but in large doses can destroy tooth enamel. To reduce the harm from your favorite drink, drink it through a straw, and after drinking a glass of soda, do not rush to brush your teeth immediately.

Opening Bottles and Packages with Teeth

Use your teeth as intended, and not as a tool. Do not open a bottle with your teeth, do not tear plastic packaging. And in general, remember that for all these cases, there are specially designed tools that, in the event of a breakdown, can be bought at the nearest store, unlike the teeth that you have for life.


Overeating is generally not a very useful thing, the same applies to the constant chewing of something. The fact is that eating food often, you certainly do not brush your teeth after each snack, the remnants of food remain in the mouth and have a destructive effect on your tooth enamel. By the way, the other extreme, refusing food, also has a negative effect on teeth. Therefore, the main thing is to comply with measure in everything.

Pencil Chewing

You probably noticed this habit for yourself or other people: when we are nervous, we often chew on objects that are unsuitable for this, such as pens or pencils. This is definitely not good, it can lead to the appearance of chips and cracks in the teeth. Of course, it will not get out of habit right away, but you should try to avoid doing this.


A little wine is good for the health, right? However, wine with all its virtues is not at all beneficial for your teeth. The acid contained in wine can corrode tooth enamel and can adversely affect its color. To preserve the whiteness of the teeth after drinking wine, you must use a toothpaste with a teeth whitening effect.

Sunflower Seeds

And finally, the beloved habit of many to clean the seeds with your teeth. If you do this on a constant basis, chipped and cracked teeth may become your problem. Therefore, it’s better to clean the seeds with your hands.

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