Are Dating Sites a Good Place for Conservatives to Find Love?

With all of the “dating apps” out there, it’s no wonder why the online dating world is still evolving and continuously becoming popular. Also, now that everything’s on a mobile platform these days, even seniors and conservatives have cell phones, but they have a hard time literally giving themselves the time to get online and look around, which may make it a little bit harder. Can you find Republicans or Conservatives on Tinder though? The results may surprise you.  You can find the full results via this Conservative Dating Sites 2019 website link.

Online Dating is Dominantly for Liberals or Democrats

While it’s somewhat of a stereotype, the header’s statement is somewhat true. Most online dating sites have larger user bases of less Republicans or Conservatives. While there are a handful of platforms that have general conservatives, the younger generation also generally dominates these newer sites and apps, which can make it a little harder to find a conservative partner.

This makes it absolutely critical that you do your own research to figure out the best dating site for you. You need to look at detailed, first-person accounts, like the Spdate review Beyond Age’s did. This is the only way you can get the full picture of what a dating site has to offer.

There are several websites out there that dedicate a lot of time and money to figuring out which dating site is the best for you. There are hundreds of different sites and apps available right now and many of them aren’t great options if you take your conservatism seriously. If you can’t even tell what political affiliation your potential partner might have you’re going to waste a lot of time.

Spending a little time to figure out the best options for you upfront always pays off in the long run.

Conservatives Have a Harder Time

Believe it or not, there are numerous online dates that someone has had in which they were literally asked if they voted from President Donald Trump, and if they said “yes”, then the date went south from there. As mentioned above, this makes it a little bit more difficult to get people to bend when it comes to conservative values. The world is changing constantly, and more and more people are adapting to the changes. It doesn’t mean that conservative people shouldn’t be happy.

Tinder and Other Apps

Using these same apps, more conservatives have better luck nowadays finding and talking to people on things like Vines and Snapchat than they do actual apps like Tinder. Not only that, but one method that conservatives have started to lean more towards are the elite dating sites that have been here for years, and social media more than ever, simply because it’s easier to find people who share your values.

While apps like Tinder may have users who have conservative values, the majority of users on dating sites are no longer just the generation x and below. Now it’s predominated with millennials, and more. Baby boomers have the hardest time though because of this, and sometimes it hard, because no matter whether they were Republicans or Democrats, many of them were still full of their conservative values that you just don’t find as much today.

Why does it Matter?

Many people believe that liberal and democratic values make a person and relationship more adaptable, and that they can get along better, while the conservative mindset is something that’s unheard of more and more. Gone are the days where every man opens the doors for females, and true gentleman are getting to be less and less. Not only that, but more and more women are becoming more empowered, and because of this movement it also can be harder for a conservative man to find a date.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many dating apps out there that have showed promising results, but on a positive note, there are “a few good men” in the world of the elite dating sites. Sites that have been around the longest (which you usually have to pay for) like Match.com, EliteSingles.com, and even e-Harmony are usually the most successful at having the higher levels of conservatives.

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