Differences Between Wedding Photographers You Need to Know

A photographer is one of the most important wedding contractors. But how do you find a true professional among hundreds of portfolios? And why you shouldn’t base your choice only on prices? Learn from our article!

Style of Shooting

The first thing you notice when you begin your search for a wedding photographer is how different the styles of a wedding photo can be. One pro in the portfolio is dominated by delicate staged shots in which there is a lot of air and light, the other, on the contrary, has more contrast processing and the shots are dynamic.
Despite the fact that all weddings are unique, every professional has his/her own, sometimes quite recognizable, style of shooting. And do not expect from his/her work at your wedding something fundamentally different.

Look for a wedding photographer who works in a style which is close to what you want. For example, if you and your groom are usually restrained in expressing emotions, and from all areas of painting you like impressionism most of all – you should pay attention to the fine art style, and if you don’t like to pose and want more “Live” frames – you will like the reportage style.

Experience of Photographers

Experience is one of the most valuable things because it largely determines the result of the work of the photographer. Therefore, it is not surprising that the services of an experienced professional will not be cheap. You pay for the unique professional knowledge that allows a photographer to produce quality work.

A real professional gives photos on time and never loses them, a true professional realizes the value of every moment and sincere emotions that cannot be “replayed” and “re-shot”, he knows how to work in different lighting conditions and tells you what time it is better to plan your love-story.

An experienced photographer helps to open up even to those couples who have never participated in photo sessions and do not know how to behave in front of a camera. The lower the price, the more likely the professional skill and training of the photographer will also be lower. Is it worth risking your memories for the sake of saving money?

Approach to Couples

One of the most important conditions for a successful wedding photoshoot is a comfortable communication between the couple and the photographer. It is important that you like each other, otherwise, you will feel caught in the process of shooting, you will not be able to relax and show your feelings and emotions.

In this issue, each specialist has his own approach, and each bride has her own wishes. For someone, it is important to be in a friendly relationship with a photographer, so that communication is not limited solely to the wedding theme. Someone, on the contrary, is comfortable to keep distance, to maintain professional relations. In any case, you and the photographer should be on the same page, and if the behavior of the photographer confuses you with something or it is difficult for you to find a common language, it is better to look for another specialist.

Even if you feel sincere interest and a friendly disposition from the photographer, do not forget that he is a contractor at your wedding. So, you must conclude a formal agreement.

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Attitude Towards the Job

When a person’s eyes are burning and he/she really loves his/her work, it always leads to the best results. Someone just takes pictures, and someone is looking for the best moments, constantly comes up with something new, updates the portfolio, learns and improves his level.

A photographer can have many awards and rich experience in the background, but be completely disinterested in your wedding. Or for years, not update their portfolio. Or from time to time, shoot different people in the same poses and in the same locations, not trying to convey their individuality. Therefore, before you conclude an agreement, look at several complete wedding shots and don’t pay attention to the decor, the bridal dress, and the wedding venue, but the work of the photographer, his/her ability to see the beauty and uniqueness of each couple.

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