10 Things To Do on a Lazy Weekend in Noida

You’ve moved to Noida to start an amazing new job and have the time of your life. And in the first few weeks there, you think you’re well on your way to having that dream come true. After all, you’ve met some incredible people, settled into your PG in Noida Sector 15, and got to explore a lot. But because your weeks are so busy and full of activity, what you want during the weekend is to just chill out and relax at home. And that’s why we’re here to help. Because as much as we love to go out and socialize, we equally love enjoying some blissful alone-time on lazy weekends.

So, if having some hassle-free and easy fun on a lazy weekend sounds like your cup of tea, you’re in the right place. We’ve got a list of ideas that you’re sure to love during your downtime!

  1. Read a book

 If you’ve been meaning to catch up on your reading for a while, a weekend at home in your PG is the perfect time to do it. Relax in bed with a hot cup of tea or coffee and your favorite paperback or e-reader and get lost inside a fictional world. It’s the perfect way to pass the time on a lazy afternoon.

  1. Go for a walk

When was the last time you went on a walk just like that? Not to rush off to a class or a meeting or as part of a workout, but a walk just for the sake of walking. Chances are you don’t remember. So, why not remedy that during your weekend? Put on your favorite playlist or podcast and take a leisurely stroll around your block or in a nearby park. It’ll give you a break from all the screen time and be an easy detox from the fast pace of the week.

  1. Binge on your favourite show and your favourite restaurant

Weekends are the ultimate time for Netflix and chilling. Have a complete binge session by catching up on a season of your favorite show, by yourself or with a roommate. And to make it even more special, why not order a feast from your favorite restaurant too? Nothing says treat yourself, like the weekend!

  1. Have a spa day

The week has probably been long and hectic for you, and you need some time to unwind over the weekend. Having a spa day in your room can be the easiest way to feel relaxed and rejuvenated for the week ahead. Turn off your phone or at least stop syncing your work emails, light a few scented candles, put on a sheet mask, and just relax. If you and your roommate want, you can even coordinate your spa days together so that you can maximize the relaxed environment in your room.

  1. Clean out your room

One of the easiest ways to de-stress after a long week is to deep clean your space. Don’t leave your cupboard a mess or let your dirty dishes pile up. Use the first part of your weekend to go on a cleaning spree. Listen to your favourite songs or chat with your roommate as you clean, and you won’t even feel like you’re finishing your chores. At the end of this task, you’ll feel productive and happy and have a clean room in which to enjoy the rest of your weekend. That sounds like a win-win.

  1. Do some online shopping

Just because you’re having a lazy weekend at home doesn’t mean you can’t engage in some retail therapy to pep yourself up. The world of online shopping is waiting for you. Go ahead and browse through different websites for the best deals and make a few purchases. You’ll have something to look forward to during the week when your packages arrive. Just make sure you stick to your budget when you’re shopping so that your wallet doesn’t regret it afterwards.

  1. Cook something delicious

Let your inner Gordon Ramsey take center stage this weekend. Staying home doesn’t mean that you have to stay in bed. If cooking or baking is a relaxing task for you, you can use your free time to whip up something delicious. Prep ahead for the week or make a large meal that you can share with your roommates and friends. This can be your chance to make up for a whole week’s worth of skipped breakfasts and on-the-go lunches too!

  1. Call/Skype your family and friends

If you’re new to Noida and you left your friends and family behind at home, this lazy weekend can be the perfect time to get back in touch and catch up with them. Call, text or use a video conferencing app to connect with your loved ones and spend a couple of hours chatting, laughing, and reminiscing. You can even opt for a Netflix party or a similar activity that allows you to hang out and enjoy something together even from a distance.

  1. Pick up a new hobby

Your weekend alone time is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby that you’ve been planning to start for a while. From knitting to meditating to art to guitar to stock-trading, there is an endless list of skills that you can learn from the internet. Sign up for a platform like Skillshare or Coursera and let your mind wander and learn at its own pace.

  1. Plan the week ahead

Take some time over the weekend to plan for your week ahead with a clear mind. After all, your weekdays are pretty busy with work and your social life, and you don’t want to miss out on exploring some interesting places to visit in Greater Noida. Put down your schedule for the week and see how you’re placed on each day. Don’t forget to add in slots for some exercise and ensure that you have enough time to catch up on your sleep too so that you can function at your optimal level through the week. 

And there you have it! With this list of tasks, you’ll find it easier than ever to have a fun and productive lazy weekend at home in your PG in Noida. You’ll get a chance to enjoy yourself, get some much-needed rest and prepare yourself to start the upcoming week on the right note. We’re sure you’re counting down the days till the weekend now!

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