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6 Home Improvements to Tackle Before Christmas

Have the visions of sugar plums and twinkling lights got you eager to deck the halls? Is the cool Seattle air and the promise of The Space Needle transforming into a glowing beacon of holiday cheer rousing that merry spirit? It’s hard not to feel that way, especially while charming neighborhoods like Queen Anne and Magnolia go all out with elaborate light displays and life-size Santas on rooftops. Locals of Seattle affectionately call it “Christmas crazy.”

Before you dive headfirst into full holiday cheer, take a moment to prepare your home for the upcoming festivities. A sparkling new entryway wreath and extra stocking hangers over the fireplace are sure to brighten spirits. But with great holiday spirit comes great responsibility. All those parties, sleepover guests, and mountains of ribbons and wrapping paper can take a toll on your living spaces. Therefore, a few home upgrades now will ensure your Seattle home is Christmas-ready when St. Nick comes to town.

So before you pull out the mistletoe and fruitcake, roll up your snowman-printed sleeves and check some fixes and upgrades off your list. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll be left with for sipping eggnog and singing carols.

6 Home Improvements for Christmas

  1. Improve Guest Rooms

Consider upgrading your bedding or even mattresses if the existing beds are worn and lumpy. Make sure to use cozy flannel sheets and warm quilts to add layers. Also, check if the bathrooms need any repairs or upgrades. Holiday guests mean your bathrooms will be getting more use than normal, and now is the perfect time to make the changes you have been waiting to make. 

See if the walls need new wallpapers or if the faucets and showers work fine. A reputable Seattle shower installation company, like Luxury Bath of Seattle, can assess and upgrade your guest bathroom showers, ensuring they are functional and well-insulated against the cold. This preemptive action could save you from the inconvenience of frozen or burst pipes. With guest rooms that are comfortable, well-lit, and holiday-ready bathrooms, your visitors will feel right at home.

  1. Update Your Entryway

The entryway is the first space guests see when entering your home, so sprucing it up before the holidays is sure to make a great first impression. An organized, clutter-free, and festively decorated foyer will set the tone when visitors come calling.

Decorate your front door with a glass insert or green or red sidelights to match the holiday theme, and add a holiday wreath. This can completely transform the look and feel of your entryway. Make sure to declutter coats, shoes, and extra accessories from the entrance. With a more open, organized, and celebratory entryway, you’re sure to impress this holiday season.

  1. Update the Kitchen

On number 3 of our list of 6 Home Improvements for christmas we have the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home during the holidays. So it’s important that yours is ready for cookie baking, hot cocoa making, and holiday meal prep for gatherings.

Besides adding some extra lighting, give it a fresh facelift by repainting and decorating the walls. If your counters are old, consider new countertops to make food prep and serving easier for the chef.

You can also repaint or reface cabinets for a budget-friendly refresh and swap outdated hardware for drawer pulls and hinges with some holiday flair. And don’t forget to organize pots, pans, and pantry items so everything you need is easily accessible.

Dedicate holiday-specific storage for serving platters, cookbooks, and themed kitchenware. With a more functional, organized, and holiday-ready kitchen, you’ll enjoy cooking and baking even more this season.

  1. Upgrade the Living Room

The living room is often the central gathering spot for holiday celebrations in many homes. Make sure yours is ready to accommodate your guests in style.

First, you need to make space for a Christmas tree and flow for mingling; this means removing the clutter that takes up valuable space and, if possible, moving some furniture around. You can also consider updating the upholstery; change the sofa covers, cushions, table mats, and rugs to match the Christmas theme.

Besides the decorations, consider making the room extra cozy. Set up the fireplace and fluff up tired sofas and chairs with extra throws and pillows. If you have extra seating like ottomans and folding chairs, bring those in, too. With a more spacious, well-lit, and merry living room, you’re ready to receive guests this holiday season.

  1. Install New Flooring

The holidays mean lots of foot traffic through your home, so worn or dated flooring will be even more noticeable. Now is the perfect time to replace old carpeting or upgrade those creaky hardwoods you’ve been meaning to refinish. New floors can completely change the look and feel of your living spaces.

Installing new floors is a messy job, so get this project done early and by professionals. Once finished, your refreshed floors will be ready to handle all the holiday happenings.

  1. Don’t Forget Outdoor Holiday Touches

Extend your holiday decorating outside to create a festive atmosphere for arriving guests and passersby. Some upgrades you must tackle before Christmas include:

  • Hanging festive garlands and ribbons on doors and railings.
  • Outline trees and bushes with holiday lights.
  • Display decorative planters with evergreens and poinsettias or lighted trees by the entryway.
  • Add a welcome mat and planter at the front door for holiday cheer.
  • Stake-lighted snowmen or candy canes along the sidewalk and driveway.

Your cheerful outdoor holiday decor will make spirits bright when guests arrive. It will also spread seasonal joy throughout the neighborhood.

Conclusion – 6 Home Improvements to tackle

The holiday season will be here before you know it, so now is the time to start planning home improvements in your home. Completing these upgrades will ensure your spaces are ready to accommodate guests, gatherings, and all the seasonal hustle and bustle. Adding festive flourishes throughout your home will get you and your guests excited for the holidays.

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