Everything You Need to Know About Pearls, Their Beauty, and Interesting Facts

The enigma of a woman is enhanced by the beauty of a pearl. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, we often quote, but the beauty of pearls cannot be ignored too. Indeed, pearls rank among the most popular gems in the world. Their price depends on the way they are being harvested. Pricing also depends on whether it is a freshwater pearl, a Basra or a south sea pearl. It needs to be mentioned that natural pearls are the rarest and, therefore, priciest.

Interestingly, less than one in every ten thousand wild oysters contain pearls. With their increasing popularity among the people since the 20th century, their numbers started depleting on the ocean’s bed.

Types of Pearls

Here are different kinds of pearls that are quite popular among women of all ages:

Freshwater pearls: Most common and most affordable, these pearls are grown in mollusks as compared to oysters. Freshwater pearls, unlike, saltwater cultured pearls are made of solid nacre as they miss the bead nuclei. Another interesting fact about freshwater pearls is that they always come in baroque or imperfect shapes. There have rarely been cases when they have been round. Freshwater pearls come in a wide range of colors, including white, cream, pink, orange, and even lavender.

Akoya Pearls: These pearls are the first-round cultured pearls in the world. Akoya Pearls stand out in the market because of their intense sheen. Mostly white and perfectly round, they are known for their rich look and timeless elegance. Perfect for all occasions from birthdays to wedding ceremonies, these pearls come in a wide range of colors including white, pink, cream with rose, ivory overtones.

Tahitian Pearls: They are the only exotic pearls that come in various colors, ranging from dark green, brown and blue. High-quality Tahitian pearls have excellent luster. It sometimes has a metallic sheen because of the high luster. This feature, along with their fascinating colors, makes them priceless and very fashionable.

Baroque pearls: They are distinctively varied from the conventional round pearl because of their interesting shapes and sizes. It is quite popular among jewelry makers because they can be crafted into jewelry of various shapes. They are available in round and flat shapes, apart from oval, rice, square shapes. They have a very smooth surface.

Biwa pearls: Cultured in the Lake Biwa of Japan, they are freshwater pearls cultured from mussels. They are known for their unique shape and unusual colors. It should be noted that typical Buwa pearls resemble rice grains or sticks. They come in natural colors like white, pink and black. Occasionally, natural green and blue are also found. They act as mind and body cleansers for the weaver. They are also known to enhance the self-confidence of the people who use it.

South Sea pearls: South Sea pearls are the rarest of all pearls and it takes a lot of time and effort to grow them. They are much larger in size as compared to the other pearls and are valued because of their size, luster and rich color. They come from a variety of gorgeous hues ranging from glossy white, silky, silver, champagne, deep golden tones, creamy pink, and more.

Benefits of pearl gemstone

Discussing the beauty of pearl stone would be incomplete without discussing their benefits.

Did you know that wearing a pearl ring or a necklace is recommended to people who get angry quickly? According to Astrology, this is the gemstone for the people with the cancer sun sign and it is likewise associated with the planet moon. Here are some interesting astrological benefits of the pearl. It enhances the power of the moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, love, family life, a steady mind, and many other good things.

A person who is suffering from indecisiveness, tension, depression, and instability in life is always advised to wear the pearl stone. It also enhances the beauty and luster of women. Some of the other benefits of wearing pearls are:

  • People who wear it get a lot of recognition, admiration, affluence and regal luxuries
  • It helps in neutralizing the negative planetary influences on human beings
  • It also enhances the memory and brain power
  • It is also said that pearls bring good fortune
  • It also helps in developing harmony between husband and wife
  • It also has many positive effects on the body, which includes eliminating problems like throat trouble, dysentery, eye trouble that is caused by the afflicted moon.
  • It reduces discomfort during sleep

Interesting facts about pearls

It takes a pearl 6 months to form: While that is a holistic timeline, each category of pearl takes time to form. However, it takes at least 6 months to form a pearl. Sometimes, the process can last for as long as twenty-four months. The process begins when a farmer delicately implants a tiny nucleus inside the mollusk. The growth of the pearl depends on how long it takes to recover from the implantation. It should be mentioned that Chinese freshwater pearls can grow up to 5 mm per year while Japanese Akoya pearls can grow up to 0.3 mm.

The oldest pearl dates back to 7,500 years: It is interesting to know that pearls date back way beyond the Roman period. In 2012, the oldest pearl gemstone was found in a gravesite in the UAE and given the name Umm al Quwain to represent the region of the country it was found in. It was dated back to 7,500 years, using carbon dating technology.

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