A Guide to Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry Online

There are, of course, many things that you could sell on the Internet and if you have a passion for silver jewelry, this article explains how you can create a brand and carve out a market share. Setting up a shopping cart website can be a complex project, then you have to set up numerous payment gateways for your customers to pay and let’s not forget cyber-security.

Sourcing a Jewelry Manufacturer

Look no further than the leading company that supplies wholesale jewelry in Thailand, who have a huge catalog of top-quality sterling silver pieces at incredibly low prices, especially when you order in bulk quantities. If you wish to create your own brand, this is possible; make sure you tour the jewelry factory prior to agreeing to anything-your supplier needs to be reliable and able to supply high volumes of orders.

Web Needs

Fortunately, you can find a single provider for all your web needs:

  • Web domain name registration
  • Site design & construction
  • Web hosting
  • Web administration
  • Web security

Spend time on the design stage and choose a brand concept to base your e-store on and with professional product images and descriptions, your e-commerce platform should be easy to navigate using search functions. The user wants to go straight to products they are interested in and with the right search fields (type, price, style), the store user can get around quickly and easily. If you are into camping, click here.


Wherever you happen to live, you’re never far away from a 3rd party logistics warehouse and they can handle all order fulfillment; simply deliver your product range and packaging and forward orders by email. That way, you don’t even have to touch the product and your 3PL partner picks, packs and delivers. Another important aspect is to register your business, to avoid any legal issues. Your choice of 3PL company is a critical one; make sure they have the resources to guarantee fast delivery and there’s no need to tie yourself up with a long contract. 3PL companies work on a month-to-month basis and you only pay for the services you use.


Search engine optimization is a critical service for an online jewelry store, this is how the consumer finds you and when your site is fully optimized for Google searches, you will receive a lot of organic traffic, which should result in sales. Ask a leading SEO agency to take a look at your online profile and they can compile an aggressive digital marketing plan, which should be your springboard to success. This is not something you can afford to overlook, with literally millions of online consumers sourcing products with Google.

Once you hook up with a reputable jewelry maker, build your site and sort out a logistics partner, you are ready to start with your SEO service and hopefully, sales will exceed even your high expectations.

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