12 Tricks That all Vloggers Should Know

If you have already started in the world of vlogging, you will not discover anything new if I tell you that growing your YouTube channel can be very complicated.

To help you with this problem, we have compiled this list of 12 tips and tricks that every vlogger should know.

How to Become a Successful Vlogger in 2019

1. Set yourself a goal

If you want to be successful in the world of video blogging, it is essential that you mark a goal. If you do not know what you want to achieve with your vlogs, you will start to try different things without a fixed direction, and you will disconcert your followers and, most likely, you will end up failing.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself, what do I want to achieve with my vlog? And you set some goals, however small they may be, unconsciously you will be creating processes and taking the necessary steps to reach those goals.

What can those objectives be? Anything that motivates you, from overcoming your shyness in front of the camera and improving your communication skills to get 100,000 subscribers and earn € 10,000 per month.

Look at several short-term objectives and others in the long term. Short-term goals will help you stay motivated on a day-to-day basis, and long-term goals will set the path you must follow.

2. Find your passion

Few people start their vlog choosing a theme based on what they think will be more popular and get more reproductions. In my opinion, this is a big mistake that will play against you if you want to become a recognized vlogger.

You can try to trick users, pretending enthusiasm by talking about a topic that does not interest you, but your subscribers will end up realizing that this topic is not yours, either because you demonstrate not knowing enough about that topic for which the audience of your videos feel passion or because you lose the motivation to continue with the vlog.

Find your passion and create a YouTube channel around it. Your passion can be anything from fitness, fashion, video games for flying fishing or cherries tomatoes.

3. Choose a niche

That you choose a topic that you are passionate about does not mean that you have to have your channel have the same theme as other 12,000 channels on YouTube. I am sure that you can find a topic that you are passionate about and in which there is not much competition.

4. Study your audience

Investigate your audience, study what they like and dislike. Compare your most popular videos and those that have worse acceptance and compare them, read the comments and try to understand what are the reasons why one liked and another not.

Once you know who your audience is, you can adjust the content of your videos according to your taste.

5. Be consistent

Being consistent is a crucial point if you want to become a popular YouTuber. Most popular vloggers that enjoy a large number of subscribers have been uploading videos consistently for many months and even years. The Rubius, for example, uploaded its first video in 2006! That’s more than 12 years ago!

6. Give your personal touch

Most vloggers choose something that is their own, and that makes them unique compared to others.

This can be a way to say hello, such as Auronplay’s “Hey! What’s up kids? All good? All right? And I’m glad “; or an action that you make recurrently like the New Yorker Casey Neistat who usually buys a piece of pizza for 1 dollar or the Swedish Jon Olsson who answers a comment from one of his subscribers in each of his videos.

7. Remove leftovers

We almost all think we can add to our vlogs, but we almost never stop to think about what we can eliminate. We repeat: study your audience. Ask them to leave their opinion in the comments and take a look at the analytics of YouTube and find out if there are any parts in your videos that make people stop watching them.

Detaching yourself from some part of your vlogs can be hard, especially if you have taken care of it, but it can make your video blog better.

8. Keep up to date

Stay up to date and try to be aware of the news that the media and the latest fashions have. Participate, comment on events that have just happened. Videos that deal with a current topic are much more likely to become viral.

9. Quality better than quantity

Focus on quality over quantity. Although uploading content frequently is a highly recommended practice, it can become a double-edged sword if the quality of it is affected.

Many vloggers are aiming to upload a video a day even if they do not have enough material to make an excellent video blog on a daily basis. It is better to do 1 or 2 a week of excellent quality, than 7 a week of mediocre quality. Keep this in mind.

10. Invests in the material (Vlogging cameras, microphones, software, etc.)

If you are serious about your vlog, do not be afraid to invest in your YouTube channel, because you will be investing in yourself. Update your camera, buy a new microphone or try new software if what you have does not convince you or is preventing you from creating content of the quality you want.

11. Tell a story

We like stories for people. The most popular vloggers know this and try to tell a story with their videos, instead of doing Picasso with video clips that have no relation. Some vloggers record a video on one site and another video on another site and then paste them together, the best vloggers as, again, Casey Neistat, they record the way from one place to another so that the story is more coherent in the eyes of the public.

12. Do not give up!

Whatever you do, keep uploading videos. The beginnings are hard and most people who start making a vlog leave when they do not see that their channel does not grow at the pace they would like.

Keep trying, Rome was not made in a day.

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