Application of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Industry

What are the first two words which come to your mind when asked about the recent trends in technology? Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. And if you have to visualize about artificial intelligence in the automotive industry, self-driving cars is what comes to your mind. But this technology can do more than just drive. In this article, let us focus on the benefits of Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry.

Now let us go into the details.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry

AI Self Driving Cars

AI cars can offer two functions. You guessed it right. One is driver assistance and the other is the fully autonomous option.

Driver Assistance

Driver Assistance

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Industry did not happen of a sudden. It got introduced slowly, and there were doubts about the precision of this new technology in automobiles. But, cut to the present, AI has become a part of the bike and car design. Now, the initial step AI took in the automobile industry, is it first provided quality assistance to the driver. AI tool got introduced as safety features for connected vehicles. Now, the AI manned vehicles have got sensors and can alert a driver in case of future accidents. It can also help in steering the vehicle via traffic laden lanes, applying emergency brakes and providing the right information during extreme weather conditions.


Waymo is Google entry to the vehicle market. And they appear to have a plan for long term dominance in the sector. This software works by means of GPS, radar, vehicles lidar, high-resolution cameras, and other services. The deep learning algorithms of AI can predict the objects in the travel path of the vehicle. Artificial Intelligence algorithms have moved. Now machine learning is the order of the day. When incorporated in the vehicle, they can learn by themselves and avoid any accidents.

Driverless Automobiles

driverless vehicles

Gone were the days, when only the car of James Bond can come to him because of the mere touch of a button. Now, with Google and Tesla leading the pack in driverless vehicles, it is only a matter of time, before you see cabs which do not have drivers.


Well, this company of Elon Musk has already become a household name in the electric car markets. It wants to achieve the same prominent name when coming to self-driving vehicles.

The Tesla car is equipped with eight cameras, forward facing radar, GPS and ultrasonic sensors. So, when all the data is fed into the AI applications, they get changed to vehicle control data.

AI Cloud Services

Artificial intelligence in automotive industry

What is the minimum benefit that a car driver can ask? Reach his/her destination safely on time. If you are an elderly person and have an AI application laden car, then it will have many sensors and features that will give regular inputs. It can take data from various sources, analyze and then send you alerts regarding problems.

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Industry – Car Manufacturing

When Henry Ford could put forward the assembly line, can the present day scientists be far behind? Now AI applications work along with humans to complete assembling of vehicles at a fast pace. The manual job of moving parts around the factory has almost vanished. Now, automated guided vehicles can move materials all around the automotive plants without human intervention and maneuvering. These vehicles can sense any obstacle and adjust the route to reach the destination.

You can also see painting robots and welding robots in the car manufacturing industry. These robots have AI applications and easily identify defects or irregularities in their activity. During a similar situation, they can alert the concerned personnel.

Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Industry – Safety Precautions

AI in automative industry

Okay, we have had enough content about driverless vehicles and AI giving the best assistance to drivers. Now, the AI car is expensive. Can a thief steal the vehicle? You bet. AI has facial recognition software, and it can detect if the owner is operating the vehicle. In case, you own an AI featured car, and every member of your family wants to drive, the program can be set such as adjusting the mirrors, seats as well as temperatures.


So, have you read the article about Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive industry? The software is still in its nascent stage. More innovations are yet to come. In recent vehicles, very rarely, will you get an alert to your mobile if your car needs maintenance. But, in the future, a simple car will have AI applications. And it can alert you in case a specific part needs maintenance or has got damaged.

Now consider the opposite situation. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore. You have an Ambassador car belonging to the 1980s. Although you give it a maintenance service regularly, in case of a sudden problem, you may be left stranded on the road. But that is not in the case of Artificial intelligence vehicles. In the future, you may not only get alerts about the maintenance service but also information about the best car mechanics who stay near your home.

Let us hope for the best!

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