Artificial Intelligence in Home Improvement Retail Store

Is there a recent technology word that you can constantly find in business magazines in recent times? We hope you got the cue. Right from the day your ancestors invented the wheel to fire to building homes, designing the computers to the apps of today, it has been one giant leap for mankind. And the innovations have always helped better your life. At present, there are many technologies which are going to change the future. The best recent technology that has been making a mark in all industry segments is artificial intelligence. In this article, we focus on artificial intelligence in home improvement.

  1. Home Improvement Project

Let us take the example of Lowe, which is considered a retail giant for home improvement tools and equipment. This company has a robot, which can give apt responses to customers who want to search for a particular product. For example, if you need a specific size nail, you can pose the question to the robot, and it will look into the data and give the exact location. You can also get pointers to go to the specific spot. This robot is also programmed to keep track of sales and patterns of products which you as a customer generally prefer. It can also give alerts on shelves which have gone empty to the resources team. This is one benefit of using Artificial Intelligence in Home Improvement retail stores.

  1. Augmented/Virtual Reality

Let us imagine another situation. You wanted to buy a brand washing machine in Bangalore. Now, you have gone to a retail store which sells electronic appliances. Now, after selecting a model, you should ensure that it suits the perfect space in your home. How to check? This is where AI applied tools such as Virtual reality and augmented reality come to the fore. Thro an app, you can visualize how the products can look in your home. Yes, you cannot get the right size of your home rooms or space, but the approximate measurement is enough to make you buy the appliance or opt for another model. It saves the unnecessary waste of time for the customers. Another benefit of Artificial Intelligence in home improvement retail stores.

  1. Searches Get smart And Turn Into Leads

There are some home improvement companies in the globe, which have employed AI algorithms to look into customer queries. Let us take an example. You have a home in Bangalore and want to fix a roof leakage in a specific room. So, you go to the home improvement store website and search for products to fix the roof leakage. Based on the words you type, the AI algorithm in the home retail website will be able to suggest the product, you need to fix the leakage or suggest the company that specializes in fixing roof leaks.

But just look at the complex situation. You can type any word, and various customers can type various words. The AI program should have different algorithms to analyze and suggest the best product. This is one way by which the AI application can turn the leads into revenue generating customers. You may have any store, and customers, but the fact is you have to get revenue. AI applications help in converting website visitors to prospective customers. One of the best benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Home improvement retail stores.

  1. AI for Shelves

AI application is also used to check the items on the shelves. Now, let us imagine, you have a home improvement retail store in Pune. If a product is sold off a specific shelf, and the executive fails to put the info on the book. But the AI camera can detect the space in between two products and send an alert to your logistics team. In fact, the AI application can pinpoint the precise shelf location and check the numbers of product on the shelf and send an alert. Now, this concept of AI will be a boon for retailers. They will know the day the product is sold off the shelf and keep a tab on products that are most preferred by the public.

  1. Manufacturing

AI has been implemented not only in home improvement retail stores but also in firms which manufacture tools. For example, Company A manufactures plumbing tools and holds the number one position in Hyderabad city. There are lots of plumbing tools, but which one is more preferred in the industry and workmen? Company A has entered into a partnership with a home improvement retail store. It gets insights on products which are more preferred in the market and by plumbers. Based on the data, Company A will manufacture a specific tool in more number.

Manufacturing and sales are important assets of the national economy. If products get manufactured and remain non-sold, then there is no use. AI applications help in giving perfect information on products which get sold and are preferred by customers. So, this fact helps the manufacturing companies in preparing products as per the customer requirement. This is another best example of the benefits of Artificial intelligence in the home improvement retail store.

  1. Delivery

Well, this aspect is yet to happen in the future. Remember, two years ago, Amazon had a dream to send small parcels to customers via drones. The project has not been completely shelved.  It is only a matter of time before you see drones coming to your home to deliver food or product from a nearby retail store.

  1. Website Artificial Intelligence

How do you shop online? You go to the website, pick up items to the basket, and then make the payment. In the future, you have to enter the payment details at the initial stage. Then automation comes in, and you get charged for the items you put in the basket. The amount gets deducted from your account only after you exit the store.


Shall we take another case study to be precise? You want to buy a new washing machine for your Bangalore home. A brand model. So, you go to your favorite home improvement retail store to check out the model. Also, you had already bought a water purifier from the same store before three years. The warranty has expired. Now on the website, you select a washing machine model along with your family and want it delivered to the home. You also ask for the best water purifier repair expert to the customer care executive. He suggests you download the app of the home maintenance company they have partnered with. So, you download the app, search the best technician and schedule the time for repair at your convenient time. The customer care executive has helped you on both accounts. He has made use of AI applications to help you select the best washing machine model. On the other hand, he has also helped you to get the best washing machine technician near your locality, courtesy, once again, the AI application.

In short, AI technology will definitely make way for more innovations in the future, not only in retail stores but in every industry. Did you like the article? If so, kindly put a favorable comment in the Reviews section.

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