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Angular vs. React vs. Vue – What is the Future of Front-End Web Development

Nowadays, the developer has all free hands to choose the front-end framework. But what actually is the front-end framework? The front end is all about you see on the screen Front-end framework are packages which have pre-written codes in folders and files. Following are few things obtained by the front-end framework,

  • It has functionality that pre-built panels, buttons, and navigation bars components.
  • When you see different typography for heading versus paragraphs, it’s all due to front end frameworks. They defined font styles and sizing of your website.
  • It gives you a component like a grid that designs your website.

This blog will guide you with a strong knowledge of three famous front-end frameworks.

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue

It will compare these three languages to make future choices easier for you. So let’s get started,

Definition of Angular

Angular is a front-end framework developed by Google itself. It is opting for building single-page web applications. Angular is categorized as an open-source front-end framework. It was first released by Google in 2012. It is based on MVC architecture (Model view controller), which is used in web app development. Angular is popularly used for the client-side framework. Angular does three things; builds a website, design a website, and organize the code. For example, Google, Forbes, Watsapp, Instagram,

Definition of React

Facebook created react in 2013. React allows its user two things, first to describe the user interface, and secondly a model state of those interfaces. It’s a library hence it’s least complex than angular. That makes react easier flexible for developers. Above all, when the transaction took place, react updates the user interface based on that state. The best part about react is it is a mobile solution; React Native is one of the leading technologies for Android and IOS apps. Moreover, it is used for building a solution for native apps and sophisticated web development. For example, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook, Uber, Paypal

Definition of Vue

Vue was created by Evan You in 2014. It is used for building a user interface – it is an open-source JavaScript framework. It is a progressive framework and incrementally adaptable in any environment. Vue supports its developer if it’s working on a single-page application using a combination of modern tooling and supportive libraries. It is in one solution for single-page applications and small-size web solutions. For Example, Baidu, GitLab, Alibaba, etc.

Famous companies using; Angular, React and Vue


  • The Guardian is a famous publishing company.
  • com, highly accessed website around the globe for weather forecasting.
  • Google Adword Applications, its creator and manager of ads and keywords.
  • Watsapp, Its famous for sending messages, video calls, and voice calls, sharing images, and other media.
  • Instagram, it’s a social networking site that shares photos and videos.


  • Twitter; it’s an online news and social networking site, where people expresses there opinion in short messages called tweets.
  • Facebook, a social networking site where friends and family stay connected.
  • Uber, Uber is a rider application, which requests a ride via smartphone.

Paypal, your online global transaction solution.


  • Baidu, it specializes in Internet-related
  • GitLab, it includes everything from project initiation, source code management to CI/CD monitoring. It’s a DevOps platform, delivered as a single application.
  • Alibaba; the most prominent online e-commerce company, originated by Chinese.

Angular, React or Vue which has the best community

Angular and react teams are continually working on updates and improvements every single minute. They are followed by huge communities because they were originated by tech giants such as Google and Facebook, which already are big social media platforms.

Comparable to them, Vue’s team is not so well-known, but they are also releasing new updates regularly and putting up good when it comes to maintenance of their site.

As we all know, Angular has well-known famous users such as Google, Forbes, Watsapp, and Instagram, which made up the best community. Looking along with the GitHub community, then React is not less than anyone else, which has 40 million contributors.

Who gives you the best job opportunities

React is the framework that gives you more job opportunities than any other framework because,

  • It is growing and not a diminishing framework.
  • It is based on an active community with the bulk of documentation and resource on any topic.

If you are a beginner then you should definitely opt for web developer certification of React.

Pros and Cons of Angular


  • It is based on MVVM(Model-View-View Model).
  • Minimizes risk of errors by one-way data binding that enables singular behavior for the application
  • It can be used alongside Typescript.


  • It’s harder to learn in comparison to React and Vue
  • Slower performance.

Pros and Cons of React


  • Simple design and easy to learn.
  • Extremely fast.
  • Give support for server-side


  • React is moving its framework away from class-based components, which make OOP developers uncomfortable.
  • It mixes templates with logic, which is confusing for beginner programmers.

Pros and Cons of Vue


  • It empowers HTML.
  • It has detailed documentation which helps the developer to learn faster.
  • It has excellent adaptability; other frameworks can easily switch to Vue.


  • It has a small community than Angular and React.
  • It makes issues when massive projects integrate.

Who is more flexible

Angular fulfill every requirement, but it’s not very flexible. It depends on what you need; flexibility or everything from routing to templates. Angular offers everything in the package, and one just needs to start to code.

React has not much in its library like angular, but it gives freedom to choose your favorite programming tools. It’s flexible and provides dynamic applications for businesses.

Vue gives a lot more options than React along with flexibility. Vue has a server-side render to initiate the server-side development of an application. It also provides you add-ons like Vue Router and Vuex.

Angular vs. React vs. Vue

Let’s look at this table for a general comparison between these three; Angular, React, and Vue.

Founded byGoogleFacebookGoogle ex-employee
Preferred LanguagesTypeScriptJavaScript/JavaScript XMLJavaScript/HTML
Famous UsersGoogle, Forbes, Watsapp, InstagramTwitter, Netflix, Facebook, Uber, PaypalBaidu, GitLab, Alibaba
Native SolutionNative Script for AngularReact NativeVue Native

Which framework is suitable

It always depends on the type, scope, and complexity of your project. Also, the demand of your client, market trends, skills of your best developers, and your personal interest.

If you want easy and fast learning opts for Vue, also, if you need a single page application. If your project is self-sufficient, then go for Angular, If your Preference is Typescript, then Angular is suitable. And if you are looking for flexibility in the framework, then go for React.

Well, React is most widely used than Vue, and lastly is Angular because it’s more proficient at learning React.


Angular is not flexible but provides you all functionalities a developer needs to build a website. Vue doesn’t have a vast community, but they are improving day by day. Angular and React have significant communities because they are originated from giant techs like Facebook and Google. From the above guide, if you have chosen your desired programming language, then my advice to you is to go for online web developer certification right away.

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