13 Reasons Why April Fool Pranks Shouldn’t Be Taken Too Seriously!!

Well, my brother got a phone call yesterday. It was his colleague ringing him who invited him to his wedding and forced my brother to make sure to come and celebrate his big day. The very first question that my brother asked his mate was, “Hey, are you April fooling me?” To which they both burst into laughter realizing how April 1st is going to troll both the host and the guests. I will talk about what happens next later in this article. First, let me talk about the 13 reasons why April fool pranks shouldn’t be taken too seriously?!

April Fool’s Day

April fool’s day is being celebrated since 1582 and is one of the majorly commemorated days in European and Western countries. People play all the different kind of little, big pranks on their friends and family and enjoy the fun of pranking all over the world. It’s the only day when you can lie or prank someone with little to no guilt at all.

13 reasons why April fool pranks should be taken lightheartedly and how to enjoy them!!


Every year we come across a lot of annoyed people who take April fools pranks pretty seriously instead of enjoying its actual feel. However, I’d agree that pranksters should be careful while pranking and make sure that their pranks are not hurtful or consequential. At the same time, prankees should also enjoy the fun of prank instead of getting hurt. Or you can also revert the prank to the prankster and enjoy it even more. Well, everything aside let me state 13 reasons why pranks should be enjoyed lightheartedly and how to take them in a good way.

  1. It’s one of the old days in the history that has been enjoyed globally for just pranking and having fun.
  2. Pranksters plot the April fool pranks to enjoy the pleasure of your surprised reactions and how good you can take the pranks.
  3. When you can rather revert the prank to the prankster then there is no need to get hurt for it.
  4. No matter how childish this day and all the reasons sound, April fool’s day is only to celebrate laughter and chuckles.
  5. Remember its 1st April today and so make it sure to confirm whatever news comes to you before reacting and making the mess out of you.
  6. You can rather be alert than someone who gets angry when get pranked.
  7. Instead of being a prankee you can actually plot a prank to realize how fun it is.
  8. Make a fool of yourself and let your loved one enjoy the moment. What is better than making someone you love, laugh.
  9. Pranksters try to prank you because they think you’re easier to prank or will respond in the funniest way. Better enjoy the fact and go along!!
  10. If you think the prank has worked on you and your prankster is having the moment then why not prank him with some spunky story that’ll make him feel you were just acting or playing along.
  11. Keep your phone switched off and disconnect your wifi to not let the world make a fool of you if you are afraid of being pranked. (haha!)
  12. Let everyone know already that you are safe and sound so that no one can prank your loved one with any horrible news regarding you. And please stay safe and sound!!
  13. April fool is a day to spread jokes and hoaxes. Try to digest this fact as soon as possible so that you won’t appear as someone who doesn’t take jokes. Make a fool of yourself instead of proving that you’re actually a fool who can’t even understand jokes.

Crazy April fool prank ideas


Now that you have realized that there is no need to make an issue out of a little prank. Maybe you should try pranking someone to get the feels of how fun it is. Here are some of the harmless and crazy pranks for you.

  1. Text your boyfriend, “Nobody’s home” and make sure to not stay at home so that when he’ll come he’d find out you were not lying when you said that nobody’s home.
  2. Invite your friends to your home and serve them with Oreos filled with toothpaste. Enjoy their funny reaction when they take their first bite.
  3. You can propose your crush on April fool’s day. If he/she accept your proposal, hey congratulations! If not then end it with exclaiming April fool.
  4. Attach an airhorn to the seat and enjoy the funny surprised reaction when your prankee sits on it.
  5. Send your boyfriend a bald photoshopped picture of you and see how he reacts.
  6. Eat the refrigerated food of your siblings or significant other and keep the empty box in the fridge.
  7. Paint soap with transparent nail polish. Let others have a funny trouble when they’ll find out the soap is not lathering.
  8. Invite your friends to a restaurant or a cafe and make sure to ghost them.
  9. Change your display picture and name of your Whatsapp account and enjoy not being yourself and the trouble your friends will have to face to reach you out. (My friend did this to me last year and I was actually pretty stressed out that what’s happened exactly)
  10. Change your Facebook status from single to married or from married to divorce and enjoy your friends’ curiosity. (Make sure to tell your significant other about your prank and if you are single, hah!)

Happy Easter Y’all!!

Besides April fool, Easter is being celebrated all around the world. I’d like to wish on the behalf of Trendmut and its team, a very happy Easter to you all (Christians or not). I hope you have a blessed, full of love and enjoyment, a great day ahead.

Now about the story I told at the beginning about my brother being invited to his colleague’s wedding, well, he got all dressed up, bought a gift, and left for the wedding ceremony. I was pretty curious if he is being pranked or the wedding is actually happening so I called him out. And to my surprise, it wasn’t a prank!! (Chuckles!!). No spoilers guys, sorry!! So yes, wedding is actually happening and I would like to send all the good wishes to the newlywed couple.


Disclaimer: It is a kind request to everyone out there to be polite and logical while pranking someone. Don’t go to the heights while pranking that could result salty or unhealthy. Make sure your pranks are funny and not hurtful or harmful at all in any way. Enjoy the essence of laughing and spreading the laughter around. Have a good day, Cheers!!

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