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Best Travel Bags – Cool and stylish luggage bags for travelling

We have handpicked some of the Best travel bags out there in this article for you.

While traveling the most important decision is the suitcase, duffle bag, or the travel bags you chose. As everyone has different luggage requirements in during travel. Some people just take a carry on bag or small travel bags while others have larger luggage for which proper suitcase or large travel bags are required. But no matter how different your needs are everybody wants beautiful looking travel bags with enough space for their needs.

The cost of travel bags actually depends upon your choice, if you choose to buy designer travel bags then obviously it will cost you more than small travel bags or kids travel bags. Women’s travel bags actually cost more than men’s travel bags because most of the time women want more personalized travel bags, which look modern and stylish.

Best Travel bags

Designer Travel Bags

The Designer travel bags are the ones which look most beautiful but also the most expensive travel bags out there. Looking good does not necessarily means that they are not durable, actually, it’s quite the opposite. The more expensive a bag is the more durable it needs to be so that the consumers can appreciate the product and give a positive rating to the respective companies.

Number one in the designer Travel bags is Louis Vuitton. It no surprise that the topmost demanded designer bags comes from Louis Vuitton because the company has somewhat of a reputation in that area. Mostly when you see celebrities carrying designer bags with them the chances are that those bags are indeed manufactured by Louis Vuitton. This provides Louis Vuitton with free publicity as most people these days see Louis Vuitton as a symbol of great design and durability when it comes to designer bags.

Duffle bags

The above designer bags are beautiful and all but when you are traveling on a budget you need cheaper bags or something that is not much expensive. In case of visiting someplace for a week, you need the little extra space and smaller travel bags. In this scenario, the Best travel bags for you might be duffle bags, which may not need to be designer bags as you don’t really want to show them off. These bags are more of a logical choice keeping space and cost in mind.

Luggage bags / Suitcases

Sometimes duffle bags and carry on bags are not enough, Proper suitcases are needed in order to travel. Whether you are traveling for a longer period of time, or you have a tendency to travel with most of your clothing and accessories. You can never go wrong with suitcases. As they look classy enough and also have enough space for all your traveling necessities. Suitcases are mostly used by people who want all their stuff in one place while traveling. And in reality, if you have a large enough suitcase you probably don’t need any other bags.


If you are a very active traveler and travel almost on a daily basis, exploring new places and people, and are fond of the term “backpacking”. Then to no one’s surprise, you need a backpack. A backpack is indeed one of the Best Travel bags. As it is a simple small travel bag on your back with all the bare essentials of travel. A backpack can strap on your back and you can forget about it, and head to places without worrying about luggage. Even if you are not a traveler, just a student or a hiker,  a simple backpack actually fits a lot of needs for a lot of different kind of people. Backpacks provide the simplest way of carrying your only required items on your back.


Kids travel bags

For those who have children on board while traveling, they need kids travel bags. Kids travel bags provide a little spacious and fun way of carrying around your child’s luggage. Sure you can put your child’s luggage in any other kind of a travel bag, but its best to have a specific bag for them so that you don’t lose any of their belongings. Apart from this, it is actually very frustrating to go inside the main luggage to find some of your kids items while traveling. It is always better to have a separate kids travel bag.


Leather travel bags

Leather Travel Bags are also very high in demand these days. As some people just love leather goods, whether it may be a wallet, briefcase or a travel bag. Leather provides durability and most of the time leather bags are waterproof and fireproof. Better to check that before buying a leather bag, but even if you get a leather bag without these features a leather bag is always long-lasting. And they just look very appealing to the eye. You may have to sacrifice some travel space if you choose a leather travel bag. But most people don’t buy leather bags for long-term travel anyway.


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Best Travel bags Conclusion

In truth, the best travel bags actually depend upon the situation and personal preference of each individual. Whether you are carrying light or heavy luggage, whether you are traveling for a short time or a long duration, and where are you traveling to, these are all the questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right travel bag for you.

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